The Orbital Compass~ 'Keyboard Sessions'

qp|| A Simplistic Future, With Endless Possibilities, Meditating, With Each And Every Tree. |||+|||

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qp|| Choosing Clarity, Choosing Peace, Enjoying The Sublime Truth Of Beautiful Tranquility. |||+|||

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There’s Another One. I Was Worried If Thus One Was Going To Sound Alright Or Not.

When You Record Something, It Seems After You’ve Spent A Little Bit Of Time Building It. It’s Good To Go. At Least That’s How You Initially Feel Right After You Record It. I Try To Do Everything In One Take. Sometimes It Takes A Few Quick Tries And It Works Out.

But!, Recording And Playing Is Much Different Than Analyzing It During Playback. Looking For Mistakes. Or Wondering If It Sounds Even Okay. In The End It’s All Fun Either Way.

What’s Funny Is, Nothing Is Ever Good Enough. So…, You Keep Playing. Always Searching For Something Without A Name. A Frequency. A Vibration. A Voice. A Ghost. A Graveyard. A Tombstone.

Okokok, Maybe Not A Tombstone.

That Would Be Jus Weird.

N e Hoo.

As Always, Any Review Is A Good Review. Discover The Rolling Stone Magazine In You!.

And Hate Me (!!!).

Wait!.., No…, Enough People Hate Me Enough Already. How About, Be Polite And Honest?.

Blah Blah!.

Keeps It Cools!.

I Might Record Another One Today.

Hopefully (!!!).

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qp|| May Movies Reflect Your Heart, May Song’s Reflect Your Circuits Of Energy, In The Sea?. |||+|||

qp|| You Can Bury Treasure, Coins, Or A Body, But!, In No Way, Can You Bury A Memory. |||+|||


I’ve Been Spending The First Half Of Thus Weekend Having A Deep, Insightful Conversation With My Voices. I Asked My Last Psychologist, (Very Professional And Hopeful), I Asked Her, While I Was Dealing With Uncontrollable Forces Completely Out Of My Hands. If It Would Be Okay, (While I Was By Myself Enjoying Nature), If It Would Be Okay To Talk To My Voices Outwardly. She Politely Laughed And Said, ‘Yes, Of Course’.

It Was Like A Heavy Weight On My Shoulders Was Lifted.

Not Only Did She Not Try To Ridicule Me, Hiding Behind Some Glass Of Education. She Accepted To Grant My Wishes To Seek Some Closure On The Reality Of The Fact That These Voices May Actually Come From Outside Of Myself. Maybe Not Her Full Intention. And I Give No Blame To Her For My Personal Beliefs. All That Was Built On That Day Was Absolute Trust From Me To Her.

N e Hoo.

I Have Quietly, Modestly, Openly Have Been Speaking. And As The Night Gives Shadows On Thus Side Of The Earth. I Will Put Focus Back Into Playing Music. Spent The Day Relaxing In All Actuality. Which Shouldn’t Be Said, But!, No Reason For Shame In Resting.

Weird That, That Is Even Possible.

Music Soon (!!!).

Well…, Maybe Not Soon Soon…, Maybe, Soon, Soon, Soon?.., Maybe Soon, Soon, Soon, Soon, Soon, Soon?.

It Shall Be Soon Enough Either Way.

Patience Grasshopper (!!!).



There’s The Seventh One. I Woke Up Early Thus Morning. Slept Like I Was In My Second Coma. Got Paid. Got All Day To Try And Record Another One. Kinda Enjoying Some Of My Favorite Albums Growing Up Right Now. And I Discovered About 30-ish New Effects On The Keyboard.

Don’t Ask Me How I Didn’t Realize That There Were That Many Sounds I Didn’t Know Existed.

Might See If Any Of Them Will Sound Good With The Track I’m On Now. Creatively And Such.

I’m Still Undecided On How I Need To Focus To Get Vocals In The Mix.

I Need To Investigate More Instead Of Slightly Rushing To Get It Recorded. I’ve Been That Way Since I Picked Up My First Guitar. All Of It Is A Mystery To Me Still.

I Practice, While I’m Creating, Building A Song Of Sorts, I Go As Far As I Think I Am Able Too.

And Then!, Quickly Record It Before I Lose The Heartbeat Of The Song.

Weird, Unusual, Strange, Collectively Odd?.

Keep An Eye Out Today Though!. I Might Have Some More Diamonds Up My Sleeve (!!!).

No…, No No No No No, Metaphorical Diamonds. Not For A Hand In Marriage!.

You Gals, Guys, Young Adults, And Aliens Are Weird (!!!).



It’s Been A Fairly Decent Day So Far. Kinda Currently Working On Some Quick Idea’s. Enjoying The Space The Clinic Has Given Me Without Interrupting My Artistic Side. Can I Say That?. Am I Really An Artist?. N e Hoo. I Learned In The Last Few Days, That When I Run Out Of Cash, I Run Out Of Consciousness. Which Jus Means, I Try To Sleep. And Succeed Triumphantly Within My Isolation. Which In All Reality, Useful For Me, Since I Rarely Rest.

I May Find Myself Walking To The Shops Tomorrow. Might Awaken Some Sleeping Molecules In My Mind & Body. What Are Molecules Anyways?. Do They Sleep?. Should I Say Particles Instead?. Neurons?. I Am SoO0…, Confused (!!!). WHAT’s INSIDE OF ME (?!?).

Okokok, I’m Kidding Kinda. I Don’t Know The Terms For Living Being’s Inside Of Living Being’s Is. Unless It’s Some Sort Of Parasite. Which Is…, Unbelievably Grotesque. So I Won’t Name Name’s. Here’s Looking At You TAPEWORM!.

Don’t Look It Up. I Promise You’ll Hate Me After You Do.

Seriously Uncool. I Remember Studying Those Guys, Alongside Other Parasites When I Was Much Younger. After The Band T00L’s Vocalist Said, He Was Going To Name That Band, Tapeworm. Like It Was The Band’s First Sketches On Working Professionally.

I Was Like, ‘Ooooh What Is A Tapeworm, Sounds Interesting’!.

Long Story Short, I Had To Focus On More Important Things.

Thanks MAYNARD!. (Sarcasm). Unless He Feels Like Giving Me His Guitar.

Then I Will Detach The Sarcasm From My Heart. . .

I May Release Another Recording. I May Not. Today Must Be…, A WORK OF ART (!!!).

But!, Not By Vincent van Gogh.

But!, (By) Meee (!!!).

SoO0…, We Shall See!. . .

qp|| Remember Within The Storms As They Pass Through, Perfection…, Is Inside Of You. |||+|||


N e Hoo.

I Was Up Almost All Of The Night Basically Playing Music With Headphones. It Came With The Piano. And Anytime I Try To Block Out The Noise From The World, The Headphones Work Very Well. Which, Well…, In All Reality, Is Already Known By The Entire Planet.

Also It Keeps The Neighbors From Complaining. Although!, I Have Sang Along To Many Song’s During The Day Here. And Not One Single Person Has Complained. Which Really Gives Alot Of Trust To Those I Live Near. SoO0…, I Respect The Midnight Hours And Keep Quiet.

Hmm. . .

I’m Weird.

That Last Song Posted, Was An Attempt At Something I Never Tried Before.

Hope You Gals, Guys, Young Adults, And Aliens Loved It (!!!).

If Not…, Well…, I’M SORRY (???).


She’s Cute.


I Shall Return (!!!).

N e Hoo.

Been A Great Day And Night So Far. I May Throw One More Recording Out Here. . .

I May Not. It’s Depending On Where My Mind Decides To Go Really. . .

Thus Universe Is Finding So Many Avenues To Make Collective Connections. That It’s Almost Impossible To Be Bored. Even Troubles Can Keep Your Mind From Wandering Into Nonsense.

Took A Walk Earlier, Picked Up Some Soup. A Small Bag Of Snacks. And A Vape Pen Thing. Honestly Don’t Know What To Call It. And I Can’t Find A Picture Of It Online. It Must Be A Rare Treasure Full Of Goodies (!!!).

Hush!, It’s A Cool Word.

Mmm Goodies (!!!).

Okokok, I’m Kidding. See How It Works…, No Way To Get Bored. Unless!.., You’re In A Waiting Room. And Blah Blah Blah, Controlling The Puppets. Like Only A Puppet Master Can.

Strange Movie The Puppet Master. Saw Pieces Of It Long, Long, Long Ago. Was Sincerely Confused.

N e Hoo (Part 2). . .

I Enjoyed Doing That Last Track I Posted. It Was Late Night, Early Morning. And No Neighbor Rushed To Shut Me Up. I’m Really Digging My Apartment. Kinda Waiting For The Bad Stuff To Begin Happening. Always Seems Like There Is Something At The End Of Rest.

Either Or!, There’s Music To Record (!!!).

See Ya Soon, Women, Men, Young Adults, And Aliens (!!!).

qp|| The Future In The Present With The Order To Erase The Bad Memories Of The Past. |||+|||

qp|| You Either Hold Tight To Who You Once Were, Or You Let It All Go And Begin Again. |||+|||

qp|| Let Not Be Troubled, Like The Leaves On A Tree, Count Every Beautiful Thing That You See. |||+|||

qp|| Find Pure Justification In Honest Hope, Seeking For The True Lens Inside Of Valuable Clarity. |||+|||

qp|| Don’t Hide Or Run Away From Your “flaws”, That Is What Makes You So Brilliantly Unique!. |||+|||