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Here Is Some Of What I Have Done Lately … ,

As In Today (!!!)

and One More For My Fans Out There (!!!)

Looking Forward To Some “schizophrenic” Creations … ,

If You Would Lyke Some Info On How To Create Your Own V(Y)D’$ Please Feel Free To Ask and I Shall (along with others) , Give Out Some Technical Tips On How You To Can Create Weird Stuff Fairly Quickly … ,

Also , If You Have A Soundcloud Account Or Even A Youtube , Where You Have Posted Music In tha Past OR Even Recently… ,

Thaz Is ALSO Interesting To me …

Yep Yep (!!!)


First one sounds like David Bowie!

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Serrus (???) ,

Thaz’d Tha Coolest Review I’ve Ever Heard … ,

Now I Need To Check Out His Catalog … ,

I Feel Vampyric Rite Now … ,

Thanks For Tha Compliment … ,

Altho , When I Was A Young Lad , SPACE ODDITY Was Untouchable …

Ok One More … ,

laLAla (!!!) …

Soz Fo Tha Double Post … ,

Keep It Cool Yo Yo’s (!!!)

e(Y)e Jus Recorded Thus One … ,

First T(Y)me e(Y)e Picked Up Tha Guitar Since Three-ish Days Ago … ,

N E Hoo , Here Is Another V(Y)D … ,

On a Scale of 1 To 999,999,999 Thus One IS 999,999,999 … ,

Cause It’s So AMAZING (!!!)

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One day I will recover all the old music I made from my old laptop…it was either when I was very new to meds, or not on meds. I liked that style a little better…more emotion.

here’s one from a couple months ago


My friend said it was “pretty good”


Hmm Fo Sum Reezun It’s Naught WerkinG … ,

e(Y)e’ll Check It Out As Soon As Possible , Could Be Myne Own Nonsense Shazz … ,

N E Hoo , Here’s Another One e(Y)e Jus Recorded … ,

Slightly Annoying , Jus Slightly … ,

N E Hoo Lemme Know Whatchoo think …

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@turningthepage ,

Dude You Sound L(Y)Ke a Male Version Of KREAYSHAWN …,

Which Is Completely Cool … ,

You Are Completely Cool Yo …

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Completely …,

Cool Cool …

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Haha thanks :blush:

U Bun Be Welcome Yo Yo …,

N E Hoo ,

e(Y)e’m In One Of My Moods Once Again … ,

Here’s Another One e(Y)e Jus Created , Sorta Anyways … ,

It’s Naught Much but e(Y)e Feel Slightly Wired Once Again … ,

N E Hoo Lemme Know Whatchoo Think Peep Peeps …


That was good my homie. How long does it take you to write a whole song like that?

I feel it’s easier with rap because you just keep rhyming…I’ve tried writing singing songs (no guitar though) but I have great difficulty.

Peace :wink:

You Whanna Me To Ah Bee Honestly Honest Yo Yo (???) ,

It Came Off Tha Top-oh-My Head …,

In Fact My LAST Album , Was Me Singing Mostly In My Room at 3Ish In Tha Mourning , Singing Off Tha Top Of My head … ,

I Think Tha SonggG (THIEF) & (Keep the Faith Young One) ,

Probs Maybe 1 Ta 2 Others … , e(Y)e Wrote Down and D(Y)D a Better Job of Chord Structure … ,

What e(Y)e Love About Singing Lyke That Is You Can’t Do It Twice , If You mess Up , That Version Of Tha SonggG is Dead …,

Back In Tha Day , e(Y)e Used To Sing Out In Tha Empty Driveway and Try To Be Slightly Quiet and Not Wake Up My Neighbors …,

e(Y)e Have About 15-20 SonggGs e(Y)e Sang Outside Ta Nature , and e(Y)e Didn’t Record Any of It … ,

So PERHAPS After e(Y)e Pass Away , My Ghost Friends Will Put Those SonggG’s On and Bring Me Back To My Ghostly Past … ,

Jus Keeps Me Feeling Gud N Shazz … ,

N E Hoo , Thanks For Lissening … :sunglasses:

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and Thus Is False … ,

e(Y)e Actually Have Thus Plan To Sing Hip Hop SonggG’s ,

Jus Havent Got To It Yet … ,

But When e(Y)e Try To Do Hip Hop , e(Y)e Fail Quickly …,

Muchos Del Grande RESPECT (!!!)

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@ATARI -my old computer started working all of a sudden

i recovered all my old music from my old computer…it started working all of a sudden

but i cant connect to the internet yet, but I think I will be able to soon.

its cool, i used to be so much better at rapping, then i had a psychotic break and ever since havent been nearly as good.

hold tight

That was some cool flow dude


If You Have An Opinion On How Ridiculous e(Y)e Look , Please Be Cool … ,

If You Lyke Tha Songish Sorta Thing Lemme Know … ,

Ok Here It Is … ,

e(Y)e Actually Whanna Trie and Record a Better Version but Tha Youtube Recorder Doesn’t Work For Me 100% of Tha T(Y)me … ,

YAY For Opinions (!!!)


and One More For Tha Ru-ad … ,

Thus one Was Fun To Create and e(Y)e Whanna Trie Do a Better Version but As It Stands Rite Now My Care-taker Room-mate is Sleeping So e(Y)e Can’t Get too Excited but Probs Tomorrow e(Y)e’ll Trie and Do a Better Version … ,

Here it is … ,

Please Have a Great Dai ( OR ) Nite (!!!)


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