The Orbital Compass~ 'Keyboard Sessions'

Hmm. . .

Was Up All Night The Night Before Last. Got A Call From The Woman Who Helped Me Get Thus Apartment I Am At. I Was Exhausted And She Is Planning On Helping Me Get Food, And Some Books. There Is A Library Nearby That She Mentioned During One Of Her Last Visit’s.

But!, I Don’t Want There To Be A Deadline With A Book I Have. So!. As ‘Arcade Fire’, Says, NO GO (!!!).

From The Song, Off Of ‘Neon Bible’, ‘No Cars Go’.

Check That Album Out, One Of My Favorites.

There May Be, May Not Be A Song Today. Kinda Thinking On Whether I Should Take A Trip To The Nearest Shop. My Last Walk Wore Me Out. Especially With No, To Little Sleep. Had To Keep Laser Focus On The Traffic, With Carrying My Stuff, And Keeping On Track To Continue To Walk With Soreness Deep In My Strong Hips (!!!). Odd I Know.

N e Hoo.

My Place Is In Music. And After Last Night’s Pure Bliss Of Deep Sleep. I Am Ready To Tackle Another Two Mile Trip. I Kept Reminding Myself When I Was Walking, One Of Barack Obama’s Quotes.

‘If You Are Walking Down The Right Path, And Willing To Keep Walking, Eventually You’ll Make Progress’

That Quote Is Not To Offend Anyone Who Doesn’t Appreciate Some Politicians.

Jus Truth In What It Takes Sometimes During A Rough Road.

Will Return Soon, Women, Men, Young Adults, And Aliens (!!!).

In The Meantime…, Please Enjoy (!!!).


I Was Thinking. Alone. In Deep Depression. Sadness Droplets Of Weary Tears.

And I Began To Remember Women From My Romantically Hopeless Past.

And How Thus Thread Is Mostly Me Trying To Learn About Some Different Angles In Music.

With A Certain Favorite Instrument Of Mine.

And Thought To Myself:::~ What If Women Came In Genre’s (???).

Like Melodies In View To Be Felt, Seen, And Heard.

So I Came Up With A Few Genre’s Of Women!.

<[[[~Woman Beauty Genre’s~]]]>

  • Fennec Fox
  • Glasswing Butterfly
  • Luna Moth
  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Blue Poison Dart Frog
  • Resplendent Quetzal

Perhaps One Of These Is, The Atmosphere You Bring To Your Environment!. Your Music (!!!).

More Keyboard Music To Arrive At Your Mind’s Door Soon (!!!).

Patience Grasshopper (!!!).


qp|| You Need To Ask Yourself, Do You Have Authority Over Your Own Personal Thoughts?. |||+|||

Wishing To Be Or Not To Be, And Hoping To Feel…, Free?.

Is There A Sense Of Pure Control Over Your Life?. Like A Magicians Temple Of Sorcery?.

Or…, Do You Feel Trapped In A Metaphorical Cage…, Only Awake Sleeping And Dreaming?.

Afterall You May Need To Ask. Because You Are…, Jus Like Everybody Else…, A Human Being.

~~(~Like The Limbs Of A Tree, With Beautiful Leaves Reaching~)~~

qp|| Only When You Focus, And Stare Fear In It’s Face, Will You Rest In The Sphere Of Freedom. |||+|||

qp|| Break From The Vicious Cycle Of Self Doubt And Self Judgment And Persevere Respectfully. |||+|||

qp|| If The Nature Of Your DNA Brings Gifts To Destroy You, Seek A Trade For Honest Wisdom. |||+|||

qp|| No Matter What You Do, Great Or Small, There Will Always Be Someone Wishing You Couldn’t. |+||


It’s Been A Minute Since I’ve Posted A Song.

Night Before Last I Finally Picked My Acoustic Guitar Back Up. It’s Been Resting In My Closet Comfortably Waiting For Me To Jump Back Into That Strange Swimming Pool Again.

Came Up With A Quick Song. Recorded It Twice. Wasn’t Happy With It. Made A More Extended Version After Retrying It Again. Was Pretty Pleased With It. And Stood Back For A Minute And Ended Up Passing Out. After I Woke Up I Lost The End Version Completely. The Rest Of The Lyrics Disappeared. Because I Didn’t Record It After The Second Version Was Finished.

All i have Is The First Two Versions.

And They Will Never See The Light Of Day. AHA (!!!).

No But Seriously…, I’m Not Happy With That Reality. It Rarely Happens Since When I Usually Get An Idea I Finish It Completely And Get At Least One Recording From It. Kinda Like Closure On The Wavelength Of Personal Emotions. And I Really Thought It Turned Out Good.

N e Hoo.

It Happens.

Sorry To Anyone Waiting For Another Keyboard Song. I Haven’t Sat Down With It In Two Days Or So. More So Getting Annoyed With My Clinic. I Swear It Seems That Everytime I Get Myself Organized Those People Drive Me Up A Wall. Why?. I Dunno, Ask Bill Gates Or Something.

I Had To Almost Threaten Them With A Lawyer About My Medications.

I LOATHE Injections. And Have Been On My Pills For Years Now. With No Troubles. No Facilities. No Problems Whatsoever From Me. Funny How Though, When Someone Else Gets Involved In My Life, Troubles Begin To Happen.

HMM. I Wonder What That Means. Now Don’t Get Me Wrong, it Isn’t Everyone Involved In My Case. But It Happens. And When I Mentioned A Lawyer The Troubles Slowly Disappeared.

Ironic. I Know.

N e Hoo.

Ignore Thus Post If It Takes Anything Away From The Recordings. Not The Purpose I Swear!.

I Got Some Great Sleep Last Night And I Promise To Get At Least One Recording On Here Today.

Be It Keyboard Or Guitar (!!!).

At Least One. It’s Been Too Long.

Blame My Clinic or Something. UGH.

Check Thus Shazzle Stuff’s Out (!!!).

During One Of My Last Walks To The Grocery Store I Picked Up A Box Of One Of These Things.

After A Few Packets In Two-ish Days. i Can Say, They Are Good To Go.

Grab An Empty 20 fl oz Bottle Add Water, Empty One Packet In The Bottle…, AND DRINK (!!!).

It Has No Crash Effects With One Packet. I Haven’t Went With More Than One In An Hour.

Costs $5.00 For 18 Packets.

Not A Bad Price Really.

May Work Better Than The Usual Energy Drinks. And It Has 5 Vitamin Enhancer Things.

They Can Be Found At Grocery Stores. If You Can’t Find Them There, Go To Amazon.


Back To Business!.

Enjoy (!!!). :slight_smile:

Side Note 1.)

Here’s The Song I Never Finished. I Got The First Verses And Then Passed Out,

N e Hoo.

Not The Piano, But!, It’s Not A Crime That It’s A Guitar!.

Or Is It (!?!). . . . . . .

Hmm. . .

What Is Thus?.