Boring Journal-ness (Intro) & (Such)

Hello Once Again ,

So I Am Bored ,

Bored Bored Bored ,

Yep Yep ,

How You Guys and Gals Doing (???) ,

Here I Am Cutting Back On Soda and Cutting Back On Smokes ,

STILL Feeling Sorta Sleepy ,

Today I Felt Locked Electronically On Etching ,

So I Fell Asleep Cause I Always Feel Instantly Better After I Wake Up ,

N E Hoo I Mite Try n Keep Thus Thread Alive and Scribble Down My Boring Days N Perhaps Learn Something About Myself and Fynde A Way To Ease Back Into Society ,

For I Have Felt N Feel Lyke I Am Not Onli At Tha Corner Of Tha Universe But I Have ALSO Been Plucked From Society ,

So Hello Once Again ,

Jus Me Trying To Fynde Tha Door To Get back In and Such …

Any Adivce (???) …

Aight ,

No Advice n Such Thus N Such ,

Well Im Back Into Singing Along To Some Songs I Love ,

Gonna Close My e(Y)e’s and Be Happi and Thankful That I Get To Spend Tyme Here On Thus Earth For Another Day ,

So ,

1.) Lissen To and Sing Along With Some Music .

2.) Slow Down On Drinking Soda , Make It Last , Save Some Money .


3.) Jus Chill . Perhaps Work On Some Chord Structure For My Own Songs .

Peace and Such …

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Aight (Part 2) ,

Check Thus Dude Out Ghostly Strangurs ,

I Can’t Even Get Close To Playing Tha Guitar Lyke Thus Dude ,

OR Even Sing Lyke Him ,

Thus Dude Is One ORIGINAL Badd Mofo … ,

Don’t Ask Me Why I Get So Excited Sharing Shazz Such As Thus ,

I JUS DO (!!!) …

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Aight (Part 3)

(Being Annoying n Bored) ,

Soz For Triplet Posting ,

But Here Goes (!!!) ,

One Of My Favorite SonggG’s To Sing Wit ,

Why Share With Any One and Every One (???) ,

I WANT TO (!!!)

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Ok Thaz Enough Sharing Music For A Lyfe-t(Y)me ,

STILL Bored ,

Sorta Withdrawn ,

and Bored ,

PERSONAL Nonsense ,

Today / Earlier Today ,

Honestly I Can’t Remember Much About It ,

A Coma Can Steal Your Memories ,

It’s Naught Even Sad ,

You Get used To It ,

and Adjust … ,

Kinda Lyke My Creeping Lonliness ,

Yep Yep … ,

N E Hoo …

Well You Know What They Say ,

When All Is LOST ,

Share Tha Love

Onli Slightly Dark ,

Jus A Body ,

Pouring Down Tha Street …

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Whew ,

Man I Am Sleep(Y) ,

T(Y)me Ta Ged Sum Restie Fo M(Y) Restie-ness ,

Have A Great Mourning / Noon / Nite , Whateva … ,

Sleepoptimistic Shall Return (!!!) ,

Peace Bring Forth Unto You (!!!) …

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Peace @sleepoptimistic :v:

did you at any time post a picture of yourself? if i remember correctly you did once in a thread, right? if so then you remind me of a girl i used to go to school with alot and coincidentally your name actually is similar to her name - her name was maxi and your name is mini you both are blonde and both have a similar character. i actually thought you were the girl i used to go to class with for some time lol. but then you told me about working as a waitress and doing your driving license but maxi did hers earlier than me and she also never worked as a waitress. maxi - mini, man what a strange world.

Cool coincidence. :smile:

strange, really, not cool. youre not from germany are you?

Take care mate. You bring a lot to the forum.

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Nah. I’m from portugal

and you never lived in germany? im stupid - forgot you were older than me, maxi wasnt…

See? Nothing weird here.
Nah never lived there. Visited Wiesbaden and Frankfurt though

Good After Morning It Is e(Y)e (!!!)

sleepoptimistic (!!!) ,

Dam Tactiles Annoy Sometymes ,

N E Hoo

Hmm (???) ,

Thanks I Suppose ,

But Ya’know I Trie ,

Lord Knows I Trie … ,

Let’s See ,

So My Mynde Drifted and Floated ,

I Was Hearing Beautiful Chords ,

and BOOM (!!!) ,

A Tactile ,

" EW ! " ,

Tactiles Are Annoying ,

But Jus Brush Em Off and Think About Something Else ,

Boring Journal Entry (Part 2) ,

Here’s To A Sip Sip From My Cola For Another Beautifully Amazing Day ,

YAY (!!!)

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Boring Journal Entry (Part 3)

So I Awoke Early ,
Ate Some Soup ,
Had A Soda ,
and Jumped Around With My Pup ,
Sang-a-Long To Some SonggG’s and Have Yet To Work Within Thus Mourning On Any Of My Lyrics Pages ,
Altho A Few Day’s Ago I Created A Decent Chord Structure For A Song / Poem I Wrote ,
Twas Within SonggG Tho , , ,

I Plan To Naught Worri About Senseless Nonsense & Other Shazzle Such As Thaz ,
Keep My Head As Weird As It Oughta Be ,
For Sometymes Someone Says Something Lyke ,
“its better to be normal” ,
and e(Y)e’m Lyke ,
It Spins Within Two Different Path’s Tho ,
Too Much Is Jus Naught A Good Thing ,
(Side Note) - BE YOURSELF ,
Dear Reader ,

BE .



Boring Journal Entry (Part 4 - Continuation Of 3)

So Far It’s Been A Pretty Calm Mourning / Noon / Nite / Whatevah ,
My Voices Are (as I become more sleepy) Voices Are Slightly Getting To Be Frustrating ,
I Consider Them As Friends Of Sorts , and Yes They Are Talking To me As I Type ,
It’s Funni To Note That , As Once Was Said In An EMINEM V(Y)D ,

" you can do anything you set your mind to man . " - Eminem ,

Tis Friggin True ,
I Never Ask Any Spiritual Being To Make Tha Voices Go Away ,
PERHAPS I Have More That I Must Learn ,
In Order To Function Within Society (as messed up as it has been laytely) ,
I Sometymes FInd Myself Watching Tha 24 Hour News Programs and Become Annoyed At Tha Troubles Of Our Civilization ,
Sadly , Laytely I Feel Pulled From Tha Burning Of Nature ,
I Love Animals Of All Shapes and Sizes But It Gets Very Unusual When I Wander From Tha House ,
DISK - HUSH - TING Tactile Jus Entered My Physicality and Now ,
Once Again ,
Have To Brush It Off ,
It Occurs Most When I Get Worn out and Sleep(Y) ,

I Spent Some Of Tha Earlier Part Of Tha Day SInging Along With Some Songs ,
and As A Joke I Plan On Singing Along With Some Karaoke ,
I Always Feel Silly When I Sing With That Kind Of Music ,
So It’s Fun ,

No Plans To Write Any Poetry OR Songs For Tha Rest Of My Day ,
I Am Ok With What I Have Written So Far ,
My Paranoia Has Gotten Better , I Came Up With A Different Definition Of Our “ideas of reference” ,
I Think It’s A Jump From One End To Thee Other ,
and I Lyke It ,

Let’ (tactile again) ,
Let’s See , Shazzle’s Going Good In All Retrospectacle ,
No Serious Complaints On My End Of Tha Boat ,

I have Learned That If Someone Engages You To Cause Stupid Pointless Drama ,
Jus Walk Away ,
No Need To Get Into It For Any Unusual Purpose ,
We Would Get Blamed Anyways ,
No matter Tha Truth Of Tha Matter ,
STIGMA Is A Disk - Hush - Ting Plate Of Fat Bellied Greed To Hear Some Screaming From Those Who ACTUALLY Think Thus Earth is Pretty Cool ,

Jus My Penny On Tha Matter ,

Maybe e(Y)e Should Buy Tha Sun (!!!) ,

N E Hoo ,

There Be My Second Entry In Thus Electronic Etching Stone Journal …

BOR-ING (!!!) …


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so it goes…

retrospectacle hah

Thanks SoitGoes ,

Ok ,

Boring Journal Entry (Part 5 - Continuation Of 3 / 4)

So I Am Worn Out and Tired ,
My Voices Are Being Evasive In An Odd Way & ,
& Well I Am Unsure What Their Dilemma Is ,
I Have Yet To Trie and Sing Along With Some Karaoke For They Won’t Give Me Enough Space ,
N E Hoo ,
Not Worried About My Safety OR Health Or N E One Elses Safety Or Health ,
For I Do Naught Believe In Violence ,
One Day As I Was Sitting On Tha Front Porch (Long Ago By Tha Way) ,
I Had My Guitar and Was Singing Shazz Off Of Tha Top Of My Head ,
and I Looked Around and Thot ,

" wouldn’t it be cool if I kept singing a fun question over and over again " - sleepoptimistic ,

So e(Y)e D(Y)D ,


Sounds Foolishly Silly Here ,
but I Thot It Would Be A Cool Way To Introduce Myself With Tha Neighbors ,

N E Hoo ,

Fast Forward Some T(Y)me and It Was Jus Me / My Guitar / and / My PUP (!!!) ,

and THEN (!!!) ,

AND THEN (!!!) ,

Two Young Fellows Were Walking Down Tha Street and One Of Them Says To Thee Other ,


I Stopped Playing and Jus Didn’t Move A Muscle ,

It Was Onli Slightly Hurtful ,
Onli Slightly I Promise ,

N E Hoo Point Is ,

Individuality Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of ,
Sadly Tha Way Things Have Been Going For 50ish Years ,
We Are All ,
Except For Tha “mental” “illness” Crowd AND Others ,
Don’t Get Me Wrong Here ,
But Going Downhill A Lil Bit Into Robotic Territory ,

Enough Of That ,

So My Plan Tonight Is Too PERHAPS Find A Way To Somehow Get Rid Of Tha Voices ,

Nothing Within ANY Physical Nature ,

But More So (by) Tha First T(Y)me Asking For Some Sort Of Spiritual Help ,

You See ,
One Of Tha Most Obstructive View With Voices Is ,
You Don’t Get Any Moment Of Silence Where You Can Analyze ,

Where You Can Reflect On Your Day and Be Happi That There Is Going To Be A Better Tomorrow ,

Naught Really Complaining Too Much Cause Things Have Been (this year at least) Going Slightly Better ,

: )

So My Plan For Thus Day / Mourning / Evening , Is Too , Perhaps Fynde A Way To Reach An Agreement With Them and Hopefully They WIll Respect My Wishes ,
Either OR I Will Be Fine ,

So …

Ask For Some Guidance ,

Some Space ,

Drink A Soda OR Two ,

Sing Some Karaoke Jamz ,

Take My Pills ,

and PERHAPS Fynde A Way To Ease Away From These Voices … ,

If I Don’t Pass Out I Shall Keep You ,

Dear Reader ,

Updated …

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