The group home staff said that they can’t force me to stay

But where will I go?

Give it a couple months.

My dad was military and we moved every couple years.

Every time we did I hated the new place.

It takes a bit to acclimate to things and see if you really like it, plus,

You don’t have anywhere else to go.

At least stay long enough to put together a plan.

I suggest a couple months.


I wish I could move to my mom’s place or alone

You can’t go to your mom’s place and you don’t have any money to live alone.

Right now this is your only safe option.

I’d hope you’d have the sense to stay.

For at least a little bit.


I feel like ■■■■ here.


Places that are new are scary.

You have to give it time.

It’s literally been like two days, right?

yeah but i didn’t get used to the foster home in 2 years bc i wanted out

I just know this isn’t a good place for me.



Being on the streets is fuucking difficult.

Ask some people here.

Being a young woman with mental illness on the streets is a whole different level of scary.

You want that?

You are in the best possible situation considering all that’s happened.

If you leave, you will regret it.

You’ve taken everything for grated.

Your healthcare professional’s help, our advice and just having a roof over your head.

Not to mention you didn’t have to go to a detention center for your violent threats.

Be ■■■■■■■ grateful for your situation.

Things could be so much worse, sooo fast.

It’s your choice.

But it’d be a big dumbass mistake to leave.

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I would just move to my mom

Would your mom let you live with her?

She probably shouldn’t.

I meet her every week so why not

That’s not the same as asking and getting a yes.

Also I don’t think she should.

You won’t take medication, will become psychotic and violent,

Then you’ll be an adult making adult mistakes.

That doesn’t put you back in the play pin,

You’ll go to jail.


you understand that I would stay on meds this time
I don’t want to hurt anyone

I 100% do not believe you would stay on meds given the choice.

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I would do it so I wouldn’t hurt anyone

Anyway I’m gonna ask her that

Go look at your own posts.

Every week you want to go off meds.

This is a circular conversation.

I’m not getting sucked into it again.

You need to stay where you’re at and leave your poor mother alone.

Don’t put that on her.

She’s already done a lot for you.


Sigh she loves me. I would support her

Welcome to adulthood, when no one stops you from doing dumb things. Everyone just stands back and eats popcorn.


How is it dumb if I feel anxious there