The group home staff said that they can’t force me to stay

Do you have a job? How are you going to pay rent and get your own place?

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You have previously said that you function at the level of a preteen child. If this is the case then you’re in a group home for life. Not to be mean, but you lack the capacity needed to live on your own. Also, if your mom had wanted you back home you would have been. Your plan of living with her is unrealistic.

Maybe find ways to enjoy your situation. You’re free of responsibilities that are crushing for many.


I agree with everyone else. You don’t have a job, you are unable to care for yourself right now. I’m time, as you mature, you may be able to have some independence. But based on your posts you’re not there yet. You’re especially not ready because you don’t believe your diagnosis and you constantly try to get off meds. You need that home right now.

They can’t force me to stay there

Not to be negative or anything but had your mum wanted you to stay with her you wouldn’t be in this group home in the first place. Even if she did want you stay with her , the safest place for you is probably the group home. Sure you can leave… your choice to work it all out where …

I feel like ■■■■ here though

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Time to work on yourself. Wherever you go, there you’ll be. You might feel bad on your own as well. Use the extra time you have for yourself.


I would feel happy if I lived alone

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Then I would try to proof to the staff that you’re ready to live on your own. You could ask if there are extra chores you can do. Get good grades in school so you can go to Uni. Make friends to proof you can socialize. Plenty of steps you can take to your goal.

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Are you sure you really want to live with your mother when you periodically think she’s going to kill you?


If you think the group home sucks, try homelessness.

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I’ve lived on the streets, I’ve lived in group homes (10 years). Group homes beat the streets any day of the week.

This conversation is pointless. When you can take advice withput repeating youself endlessly, I’ll allow these threads.

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