Can I live alone once i turn 18?

I really don’t want to live in supported living

You’re in the mental health system.

If you comply you have some say in what you want

On Thursday last week I tried to cut contact with mental health services, and that resulted in very nearly being admitted to hospital

If they had the beds it would have happened

You have to play the game now you have been identified


I don’t think any of us know your situation well enough to answer this question accurately @Crystal-Cotton .

Will you be getting a job?

If not, do you know what kind of government assistance is available in your country to help you live independently?

Are you capable of providing for yourself on your own?

Will you be willing to take your meds to remain functional?(My guess on this one is no based on past comments).

If not going to take your meds, will you not lose control of yourself?

Will the system allow you to try any of these things?

There are probably many other questions that I can’t think off the top of my head that no one here probably knows the answers too.

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I probably can’t get a job but the social workers should help me in that

I dunno if I have the basic skills needed yet
I would take the meds if it was absolutely necessary.

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There is a very good chance that mental health professionals will make that decision. The better you behave the more freedom you’re likely to have.

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Isn’t that unfair?

That’s life


I’d rather live with my mom than in a group home

Tell her that and see what she says

I will do that on

I hate to repeat this again, but stop threatening people, and life will be much easier

Bet now this consequence is worse than the prospect of the punishment you have got officially?

Really hope she lets you back, but you will have to understand why that might not be an option right now

I regret threatening her

I don’t see your living with mom as a viable solution anymore because, every so often, you think she’s trying to kill you. You need to somehow get over this before that becomes viable.

How to get rid of the fear then?

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I don’t have an answer for this Crystal. I have tried offering up advice and rational reasons why she wouldn’t want to kill you in the past and it has not seemed to help. I think this is something you are going to have to try to solve with professionals.

I think I wont get rid of the fear ever :frowning:

Yeah, I honestly don’t know. Keep working at it though. It would make a significant difference if you could get past that.

It’s really too bad that you are unlikely to be able to move in with your mom successfully, as this could be a stepping stone to your eventual independence, as it would get you out of the system.

Living alone sucks!

Why do you think thst