I’m sick of the foster home

I need to get out of the ward and the foster home asap

You’ve said this multiple times … I know it’s not easy but they doing what’s best for you

No theyre not doing that

How so ? Is it because they are giving you meds ?

I feel unsafe there

Why ? It sounds like paranoia but idk

It is paranoia yes

You don’t feel safe in the ward in the foster home and in your own family home. Comply with treatment and let them work through it with you

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The meds cause fainting thougj

Let the doctors work through it with you as I said speak to the dr. We can’t do anything here.

This is more talking in circles. We’ve already discussed this. You need to be in a foster home because you threatened your mom. You’re not stable because you’re still not wanting to comply with treatment. You need to become stable before you go home

I am complying with the treatment

But you’re looking for ways to get off treatment. You want off clozapine so you say it’s giving you dizzy spells. You want off your shot so you can switch to pills and not take them

Why can’t you live with your real family?

Because she threatened to harm her mother and her doctor @Helicon-6

It’s for real causing me to almost faint

You are assuming that. It could be a medical issue other than meds. It could also be due to stress

Also I don’t threaten anyone now

But you did before. Which, again, is why they need to be certain you’re not a danger to yourself or others before you can go home

Threatening doesn’t mean im a danger ti others