Noise Hallucinations

There is a lot of talk on here about people experiencing “voices” When I hallucinate it’s mainly visual, and although I am capable of hearing talking inside my head - voices, I really hear a lot of sounds or noise auditory hallucinations.
Common ones are sirens, doorbell going off, knocking on doors, slamming doors, things of that nature.
Anyone else experience noise type hallucinations as well? Which sounds are common for you.

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Breathing in my ear is a common one for me

Bombs, sonic booms, gun shots, heavy winds, helicopters, trains and those you mention plus running feet inside my house. Gets scary sometimes!

It does get scary - I also forgot to mention I would hear someone whistling, like you -winds, and I also hear human or animal running or walking sounds. I also hear whispering sounds like surrounding me or inside the walls. If there is more that I remember, I will mention it.

I hear someone trying to open the door, but it’s locked. I hear my cellphone ring. I’ve heared the ocean in my head.

You wrote “when I hallucinate it’s mainly visual”
Are you going to design a new model of schizophrenia ?

1-Truism,the schizophrenia is a combination of an image, a voice and an emotional effects !
2- An united package of phonetic,visual and emotional phenomena,working collectively
by special arrangement within a context of a whole integrated condition
3-There is no single phenomenon be active isolated from the rest of the context
of other phenomena

4-Visual phenomenon>>Voice phenomenon>>Hearing PH.>>Reproducing “cloning” new information in the mind>>Mental response>>behavior stage
-this means that,it is impossible to hearing the voices without the occurrence of visual phenomenon firstly
if you have visual phenomenon only without hearing linguistic voices,it means , you are practice the imagination process in your mind as all human beings,it means you are a person without sz

SO that,for some REASONS ,you try to give us wrong impression, that you have visual hallucination
more than hearing a linguistic voices,and the matter is just hearing to a noise like the sounds of nature,
-The vocal entities can make up intimation in the mind similar to the mental impression with the sounds of nature" close the door …etc",but they are unable to produce actual voices in the mind that has been simulated to the sounds of nature. !!

I have so many - bells, birds, dogs, cars, my mobile phone ringing, sleigh-bells (even when it’s not Christmas, argh!!). The kettle boiling, the washing machine on spin-cycle. And they’re only the ones in recent memory!

Yeah that’s a lot of sounds - I have almost just as much, but maybe not as varied as yours.

What you said ,it means that: you have not the case so-called SCHIZOPHRENIA
It is supposed that you understand and conscious what we said,because when you hear
the sound of drum or pipe,that can not change your religion belief,or your personality identity or
family ties ,your culture contents or your personal view to the world of things

I hear the sound of a crowd as in a crowded auditorium before the start of a show.

Mine are church bells.

It’s an old thread but…

Yes I’ve had this before, I got rid of my prodromal schizophrenia with fish oil, but after about a year of not taking them, the symptoms are coming back and these and the ones I’ve had in the beginning. So in a way, I would say if you’re getting these symptoms you are likely at risk and should take fish oil.

I also, as I’ve said in another thread, hear people talking badly about me in public and hear planes flying over the cloud cover.

Also you might be hearing voices but the visual hallucination over powers the voices so you don’t acknowledge them

Fml didn’t read until the 4 year part before I posted

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