Hearing voices though sounds

Does any one hear voices though sounds like the commotion that goes on the super market

I don’t hear voices personally.

I hear voices through most sounds that go on around me like the passing cars from wind blowing through the cracks of the door. Even in music that I listen to. The voices can change their pitch in the sounds to match closely to anything I hear around me.

Yes sometimes 1515515

im mostly voice free for a couple years now. about 3 years ago I was hearing voices in white noise, like the refrigerator or music on youtube and also the cars going by. even one time when I was scratching my head I was hearing voices from the sound it made, and also the running water of the shower.

I heard voices in the shower, sounded like people chanting.

Also when i would put a cup down on the counter, it sounded like someone called my name. This never used to happen when i didnt have sz…

i dont hear it as much anymore though on medication.

Yeah the mean voice said a different word with every bite I took of my spinach in jail. I won’t tell you what it said because it’s unspeakably foul, but it was tied in to the sound of the spinach being chewed. Doesn’t happen to me anymore though, that was years ago.

One time I was in hospital, and out of no where I heard sounds of different people. It sounded like different people praying. But no I haven’t heard sounds like the grocery store.

I usually have the voices “creeping back” usually off the computers fans or shouting in my ear when im in bed early. Or when i hear the freezers motors running, when they click on.

Its usually a sign im close to my depot injection.

Im usually quite vocal - and end up swearing at them quite loudly to Fck off - or threaten them with violence (lol!?) and they go away.

Years ago it would of upset me and ruined my day - but now im more aware its the Sz - i just bung the the headphones on with some Classical and take a Quietiapine if they annoy me too much.


These hallucinations occur only in the case of specific perceived objective stimuli, so that each time there is a specific external stimulus, for example a tap running, there is also the hallucination, such as hearing voices. Both are perceived simultaneously. This may be a symptom of chronic schizophrenia.




I sometimes hear babbling voices when the toilet flushes.

I hear voices and music usually when there are sounds occurring like if a fan is on for example. A lot of the time i can’t tell what is really being said… its like hearing people talking in a room next to you but the door is shut

Yes that is primarily how I experience hallucinations. My AC is loud and sometimes talks to me that way

I sometimes hear mumbling voices in the central heating and air conditioning in my apartment, and in my overhead ceiling fan, and in my space heater.

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