Do your voices sound real?

  • Yes
  • Sort of
  • No
  • No, but I believe/have believed they come from a real person (telepathically)

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For me, there is only 1 voice talking at a time, and it has never sounded like a real voice (although my schizophrenia has made me believe a few times the voice was coming from a real person via telepathy).

For me the voice typically sounds like some other sound I am currently hearing - it’s as if my schizophrenia is modulating the source sound. For example if I’m walking then the voice talks in the rhythm of my footsteps and it sounds like the footsteps, and the voice seems to come from my feet (exactly where the sound of the footsteps is coming from).

Other examples:

  • While eating, the voice can talk in the rhytm of chewing
  • While breathing, the voice can talk in the rhytm of breathing (each word or syllable coming out with each exhalation), and sounds like breathing
  • If a car is passing by it can make the voice sound like the passing car, and seems to be coming from the car (the voice moves with the car)

If there is no appropriate sound around it “modulates” the silence; then I cannot tell where the voice is coming from, and it’s not like a sound at all.

At other times they behave more like a voice and have a gender (typically female), but they still don’t sound like a real voice.

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Yeah the voices I hear coming from neighbors upstairs sound real, like they can read my mind and make comments.

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My thoughts seem real. I mean aren’t everybody’s thoughts real? But I have delusional, psychic thoughts that make me sick and paranoid…They are very intrusive and out of this world. I take my meds and supplements seem to help a ton.

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I used to genuinely believe I was having psychic conversations. It felt very real at the time.


They sound real to me, real enough to give me a startle, and believe what they say for a while.

Have to remember they aren’t real, even the angels. As hard as that is

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