Some good in childhood


Continuing the discussion from Memories of pre psychosis:

There were some great childhood memories…
I remember swim lessons
Speedy six year olds swim team
fishing in Green lake and never catching anything.
Rowing class
Trying to catch the koi fish in the Japanese Gardens and being told not to. (makes me laugh now that I’ve gotten to work there)
Frisbee in the rain with my younger brothers
Early Morning swim practice at Colman pool out on the beach (I remember how ticked off I was when my Middle brother beat my best time in Crawl stroke)
Sneaking my kid sister out of bed so we could camp in the back yard and star gaze.
Then… yes… there was the first taste of Whiskey
Starting smoking
My cousin (who I’m sure had some mental problems of his own) got me started on pot and other drugs.
stealing from my family for drugs

then it was hospital stays and darkness and lots of head circus to get under control and sort through…
coloring in coloring books was a huge thing I remember. I had a compulsion. My sis would just set one out… leave the crayons off to the side… and I couldn’t help myself… I would find myself coloring. It was very relaxing.

So NOW it’s time to get back to the second childhood.
Watching my 6 year old niece chase bubbles.
Kite flying with my nephew
Adventure Sunday with my kid sis and now my youngest brother
I picked up a little origami recently and now I can Amaze small children by turning a piece of paper into a boat or a crane. (those are the only two things I do)
Going to the Zoo
Watching the street performers in the U district on weekends.

Have you been able to recapture that second childhood?


good things that happened in childhood was probably things like xmas and halloween, i also remember playing with fireworks and easter eggs and birthdays,

my gran always got us birthday and xmas cards with money in them, then there was when we went on holiday with my gran to spain and also a couple of school trips, i also remember winning some prizes at my school and doing something special on valentines day when i was 10 or 11,

also remember visiting relatives and some friends growing up,

maybe i pushed my childhood away was bc i felt that the people in my childhood would not accept me for who i am now bc of my illness but that is just a guess.

its all coming back lol


sounds like you had a really good childhood :slight_smile:


I don’t have any memory loss from my childhood. I mean it’s not like I remember every little event that happened but I could piece together a clear narrative. I do tend to way over romanticize my childhood though…it just seems perfect compared to where I’m at now haha, though of course it wasn’t.

I’m a kid at heart and always will be, hehe.


I remember

having an algae (think seaweed) fight with my brother, dad, uncle, and cousins canoeing.
playing in the flooded parking lot across from our house with my brother
doing homework at my grandparents’ kitchen table and eating my after school snacks
doing my first big homework project at my grandmother’s house at her kitchen table
decorating the house for Christmas with my mom
letting the puppies into the house
watching the patterns that rainwater had made in the clay ditch on the school bus

The night I went to see my aunt’s pottery at an art walk with my other aunt. It was the day I realized I wanted to be an artist.