I don't remember my life very well

It’s just an observation. My childhood is no existent aside from a few relics. I don’t know if I should feel bad for having lost all these memories. When I try to remember things I just make a bunch of ■■■■ up.

I remember my childhood well. After my mental health took a turn for the worse my life started to become more of a blur.

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Yeah man likewise. I wish I could remember it it would give me something to think about, but at least I’m not plagued by a bad past.

I can remember some of mine. Incidents and events pop into my head. But this morning I was trying to remember what time I went to bed the night before and I couldn’t remember. I can’t remember if I had breakfast this morning or not but I remember going to a high school dance and bringing one of those tiny bottles of liquor they give you on airplanes and in hotels.

I remember a few things about my childhood, but I’ll remember more by looking at old photographs. Otherwise, I rarely think about it, it’s long gone now.

That’s exactly how I feel… It’s long gone. Probably smoked to much ganja in my day.

i think it is normal to forget parts of your life, i certainly have.
take care

It has good and bad. People with strong memory remember every detail no matter good or bad. I think these people want to become more forgetful. But as you said, you don’t have to recall those bad moments.

Haha. Me too man. :slight_smile:

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I remember some things clearly; but m 15/16/17/18 year, is a blur I barely remember anything although I get snippets and sometimes whole memories but, I wind up stressing over them and it topples me over but I don’t like the not knowing, I know I lived through it I just don’t like how I went about it and the things I remember in the lead up to my break that cause me distress.

I think it’s quite common in psychosis, my nurse sometimes describes psychosis as a waking dream so it interrupts your life that way. Just know you’re not alone in this and maybe, one day, when your brain can cope, you will regain those memories.

Take care,

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Confabulation. lol, me too.

It seems I’m not alone… Which is good to know. Live for the moment I guess.

I feel the same way about it, especially when I’m with my best friend and she’s like, “remember the first time we did this…” and my mind draws a blank. Makes me feel like not a good friend.

My memory of my childhood isn’t in my head… it’s in journals and other people’s accounts of what they remember. Plus between the Sz and the drugs and the false memories… it’s all a jumble…

There are a few huge and key events that are still clear in my head… but everything else is lost to me.

Little by little things have been floating up to the surface… but not enough for me to feel like I have a good grasp on my past.

My memory of much of my childhood and adulthood is foggy. I blame it on the dissociation.

Well it seems like I’m in good company.

I’m having the same problem even for recent incidents my memory does not seem to function very well unless it is some milestone I’ve gone through I’ll remember but old memories are 90% gone now

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