Cant really remember growing up much

its like it didnt even happen, like i just popped out of nowhere, its very weird and idk whats caused it i mean could it be the meds or what?

does anyone else ever get this?

Did you have a rough childhood? I grew up in a very abusive environment and sort of blocked most of it out for a while. It wasn’t until my early 20s that I started to remember things. And it wasn’t really like I forgot them, but more like my brain actively pushed them aside while I was trying to do the high school to adult life transition. These days I can remember bits and pieces, but it doesn’t really start to come together until about age 12, and then solidifies normally around age 16.

My mother was afraid I’d never grow up. That idea really affected me badly.

hmm, no not really.
I cant remember all of my childhood, perhaps since i was 4 or 5 years old and onwards. most people, that ive met, can remember their childhood from 2 years old though, which i cant relate to.

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Its hard to remember anything these days let alone my childhood,

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The things I remember most about childhood are from school and projects I did at home. I don’t remember playing with friends - didn’t really have any. Common sense tells me that relating to other people is the vehicle for growing. I did have a brother close to my age. We hung out a lot. He saved me from oblivion I guess.

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