Sexual experiences with "voices"

I am interested in the disparities between men and women who have sexual experiences with “them.” For women, they tend to experience sexual stimulation of the private area and a feeling of penetration. When I was attacked by female voices, they were able to trigger what felt like a mechanically induced erection. Then they were able to induce sexual arousal/pleasure to what they were saying, like the suggestion of going down on them, etc. They also gave me visual images of what they wanted me to think about as I performed the act.

What were your experiences like? I understand this is a taboo subject not often discussed, but it would be interesting to know how common this is and what it was like.

Yet to happen to me. Only in dreams.

It was horrible. Nearly 3 years of torture. It was cruel, it was controlling and I’m still dealing with aftermath today.

Was it just a voice? It didn’t seem like it. I wanted to stop feeling everything but you’re utterly powerless.

Anyways I don’t like going into detail because it messes me up and I’m already having a weird night, but I really suggest staying far far away from that stuff.

I would go into more detail, but it is X rated ■■■■, and I IDK the limits of our free speech here.

There have been times when the voices have triggered tactile hallucinations. That sort of deeply rattles me and makes me jump out of bed.

There have also been times where a dream gets very involved, when I wake up, I’m still feeling it. Then my mind is scattered all over the place and the odd feeling of arousal will actually stay with me.

But it’s not a nice dream, it’s usually a very disturbing dream that upset me and makes me have to sort through the meaning of it… with the tactile hallucinations not letting go…

Very upsetting and in the past… has triggered some strong delusions.

Hello Daimon

The sky is the limit if I can imagine it, it can be done with them. both me and them can create thought forms that can be interestingly realistic, depending on your ability to thought form, or there are those on the outside of myself that seem to think that I am a playground. I have this thing in my leg with three fingers that can be used to cut off these feelings so I use this often if they become persistent.



The owner of the site likes to think that children could come here and read.


This is interesting. My first hallucination was Haley Williams, the singer of the band Paramore screaming at me to get away from her while I was jerkin it in the dark thinking of her. I like redheads. It was not a fun night. I was not okay.

Dude thats what they were saying to me for the longest time. Stay away from us. Eventually you learn to not think about people.

Okay stop trolling.

I’m not trolling. I am close friends with a woman and know numerous others (although they don’t consider themselves mentally ill) who experience this sensation along with voices who are interactive along with the sensations. Hell, on these boards there are plenty of women who report experiencing this.

Its just different when a guy brings it up i guess. lol

I know of a guy who experiences it. I’ve never experienced the sensation of penetration (luckily), but I have experienced what felt like mechanically induced erections, along with induced sexual images and feelings. The female voices came off as dominatrixes in my case.

Yeah its happens numerous times. They tell me they can bring me a girl and she will be imagined and then involuntary erections etc… it’s weird. It’s just your imagination gone haywire

Sounds like it could be uncomfortable if your in the wrong situation, like sitting in a coffee shop or something.

This is one of the factors that make me seriously question it is hallucinatory.

When this first happened, I had sexual dysfunction and I was extremely erect and aroused, and it felt mechanically induced. I noticed they can make you unnaturally aroused like you were on ecstasy or something, not that I’ve tried, but you get the point.

Sexual stimulation starts in the brain… think about it

That’s how I see it.

I’ve thought about it, and I consider it “brain hacking”