What are your voices generally like?

  • Mostly mean and nasty
  • Mostly helpful
  • Mostly random or neutral

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Mine are really mostly helpful. I’m actually somewhat grateful for these voices as they help sort of regulate my mind, like pointing out when I’m thinking wrongly or negatively. I think I’m lucky in that way.


I would say over the entire stint of my scz life they have been mostly mean, and what is weird needless to say is that the emotions reactions to them are what is really powerful. A voice whether real or audio hallucination is not much powerful, but the reaction to them has been. So that has been the center of the ordeal not necessarily the voices themselves.

And then it gets even more intricate and complex which I won’t go into.

I have had sane voices, helpfully intuitive voices, commending voices, and funny voices even compassionate voices. BUT it’s just me, and trying to make any relationship with myself that these would behoove me to do if it were someone else in reality is just making myself sicker. So I have to keep tight tabs on what it is that is happening in reality within my mind. It’s kind of like tracking the money around things in a business, and knowing where it is coming from and where it is going in all of the little ways. After awhile it gets easy and routine, but if I do not keep realistic tabs on these mental faculties and experiences such as voices or even a lot of the things I am witness to or experience in real life with real mean people and real buffoons, then I sort of fall into the belief system that the voices are real you know. And that turns into a psychotic bath of superstitions, cultish beliefs about this and that, and a real crazy house theater to the point I won’t know what is going on in reality because my head is all off up in the clouds getting on.

I mean it gets damned stupid if you don’t keep tight tabs on these mental experiences and obsolete mental aberrations. I mean they can be “good or bad,” but it’s ME, and playing may day poll wrapping the ribbons around it laughing and playing hide and seek with myself of all things…

…well that’s just the damned stupidest thing anyone could possibly do with their life. And then using up all of the tax money on that kind of bs? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I agree, the reaction is often the worst part for me. The craziness of the ordeal and the unpreparedness on my part made it that much more difficult to deal with. It’s gotten somewhat easier with time.


The main voices I hear are my alters and they normally try to help me out cause they’re all me. Though one is really mean to me bit he’s a dick so whatever. My other voices are so varied it’s hard to say it’s pretty evenly spread between helpful mean and random. Some days its all helpful or mean or random but normally it’s weirdly balanced.


I believe that their nature depends on the culture that your brain has stored in memory such as from when you were a younger as well as the nature of the culture you frequent from day to day.

I have noticed that if people are mean to me, then my voices reflect that. If people are good to me, the reflect that. If I do good or great things to achieve, they react to that and vice versa.


I’ve also noticed this. I was quite happy as a kid and before I became mentally ill, I think this contributes to the quality of my voices. They definitely react to whatever I ruminate and dwell on. Also there are a lot of subtle thoughts I think that they react to, which is difficult to control.


I was born with my voices but my childhood wasn’t very happy. But yet my voices were normally very nice when I was little it wasn’t until I was almost 12 that they became mean and very dark talking about hurting things and myself. But my abuse had been going on for years at that point so idk what really set them off the most at that point. Although I did get a new alter around that time I wonder if that had anything to do with it :thinking: my voices normally react to my environment as well and I speak with them constantly. Unfortunately when my mood is bad my voices that aren’t my alters get mean when my mood is good my voices are good. But on days when I’m neutral my mood very easily influenced by my voices.


The key that no one is talking about and that you definitely prove is true is that the mental faculties are for the most part controlled by information. There is always the chemicals, hormones, and physical neurons and such which is all mechanical, but nothing is lent to the informational.

Here’s my best short version of what is going on:

  1. You have 20+ mental faculties which produce every experience each combined at the same time such as you can hear, see, feel, remember, deduce a new idea, and sense how far you are from things, how fast things are moving, and how far your head is from your chest at the same time, but these are experiences that are combined from several mental faculties that produce them for you to experience.

  2. The information that fuels the mental faculties is necessary, and it can’t be ignored. If you have no information, then you have no sensation. Take blindness or deafness for example. The information input channels are disconnected, so the result is no sound and no sight. It is not as if their brains can’t produce sight and sound, but there is no inlet for the light and sound waves to reach the logic centers for computing that information. It’s the same when you disconnect your internet from your computer. The computer can compute whatever information you feed it, but if the info channel is disconnected, then no access to what that information contains.

  3. There are 5 senses which are the classic ones in which information can enter the “mental vessel” inside. These faculties produce the sensations of sight and so on logically the same every time. Their logic is set in stone. There are other faculties in the same area all of them being within the same brain. These other faculties will cross action with each other. They over lap as information that is processed in one mental faculty leaks over to another mental faculty, and that information is processed by the other mental faculty. All of the mental faculties are information processors, and they are all information receivers from each other, so it is a bath of processed information which is the experience you receive. They are “sensations,” and the means for producing sensations is always universally logical, but the information may be false, so the result is an impractical sensations. An example of this is if I fed your computer a weird program, and the result was it put dog faces on everyone’s body at random locations, on store fronts, and everything else like cars and light poles.

So the source of the problems of 100% of people is informational, and where that involves the scz person is the question I have to ask.

Memories are a source of information, so I assume that your memories being okay are not bad information input for your faculties to produce during your scz life. It is true that the rate of abused and/or desperate children with scz is higher than non abused, and the rate of drug users or what I call entheogens is higher than those who did not use frequently which affects the information inputs.

The synergies of the brain are not 100% physical. Information reality and logic is just not included in the contemporary mind science field.


Interestingly enough I just finished watching this video before I read your comment.


The video was good, and it was insightful. Thanks. I hope you don’t mind me using a sentence from your post as an example for a conversation piece with another scz in this forum. I appreciate it if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:


My voices are very helpful (most the time) and insanely profound. I’m learning things from them mostly all day and sometimes they know things that they can’t possibly know. Which is borderline demonizing and scary but I just try to accept them as is. One of my voices speaks so powerfully it’s honestly hard to understand. It feels like he speaks in thought if anyone has a similar experience. Like words and sentences only make sense in correct chronological order when some things he says aren’t even… spoken? It’s like if you could take a sentances meaning and turn it into a picture and… poof. Hurts my head something awful. But I wish he’d come around more.


I have voices that do that, I think, @Dontgivethisup. It’s like immediate information transference.

And @catsrcool I know what you mean about subtle thoughts affecting them. I could say more but maybe it’s best to discuss the strangeness of interacting with your voices in pm, as it is a strange belief. I will say this though, if a person could create a bad mood storm cloud above their heads in real life, people would notice it.


Technically it’s our brains using deductive reasoning subconsciously.

The way they work is information goes in from the 5 senses or from other mental faculties like your memory of things, and it calculates the information in logical fashion before it is processed as experiences and sensations. Once it has been processed into experiences and sensations, it is the in the “conscious strata” which is the one you are aware that stands apart from the “subconscious strata.”

Normally in people that have thoughts or distant voices etc, they have simply always thought of them as being figments of their imagination. In other words they were aware that there were calculations happening subconsciously that wound up being processed into experiences and sensations consciously.

Often people tend to make these out to be a supernatural phenomenon of one kind or another, and people have been doing this for thousands of years most of which have never understood how the mental faculties work in regard to each one’s informational logic and their “overlapping.” There is more confusion about these things than there is anything else in the world, and this is right between everyone’s ears.

I used to believe that those voices had to be other than me because of what they said, but I remember when I was young and socially challenging up on my life and my days that I would rely on what my brain was conjuring including voices and imagery such as visions of things I remember or imagine or simply visions of words I was needing in order to complete sentences as I was speaking to people. It was very rapid, and it was very helpful on the fly.

If you and I use the same logic that we have used a few times which is to imagine that these voices could not have known things if they were of our own brains, but somehow they did know those things…if we used this kind of logic for when I was a kid experiencing my mind the way I described above, then we would have to say that I was sourcing information not from my own brain but from outside of it.

Really I was just siphoning the logic capabilities that my mind had subconsciously on the fly as I was in the mix with other people socially. Back then I just assumed that I was smart or witty. Later in life as an scz I fell into the thinking that I was not smart but given the information I was aware of from telepathy, spirits, and the “universe spirit.”

In other words I fell into believing that my intelligence was not my own. This can be very self defeating and ultimately depressing to believe that you are only a fool on a string while being the host of higher intelligence making up your mind for you.


Very important to understand this. The brain is the size of your two fists, and the information passes all over it at the speed of light. At that speed the data is cross referenced all over this organ virtually instantly.

This is critical to understanding the scz dreamscape, so that we don’t waste time with hocus pocus fallacies about the “meaning” of what we have experienced or the order and process of what we have experienced. At least that is how I see it.


This is you.

The one thing I have had to ask myself in this exact same situation is “What is thought? What is what I say? What is a personality? How do all of these things come into the form that they are in?”

So the test is, “If there is thought, memory, saying, listening, reading, and feelings, then what are the limits of possibility about this system that creates such a thing?”

In other words do we know everything about what the brain can do? How many tests does it take to know it can or can’t do something? After all of the hard work is done including the tests, is there a way to know that these apparitions in your psyches are no more than “fancy footwork” performed by an organ between our ears?


Yeah. Good description. Hurts my head. Lol

There was these two people that made out with one another and they were both in relationships. They told nobody but my voice up and confronted the girl about it. I told her it wasn’t me that knew it was my voice and she hasn’t talked to me sense. Idk how in the world I could reason that. Like I said… borderline demonic stuff. Lol


Thats nothing. My voice once said a phrase, and then my wife said the same phrase a few seconds later. Of course the rational mind should dismiss it as a probability or a trick of the mind. Go on, rational minds, and do so.


I very much like where you’re going with that. Theoretically speaking the only limitations we have within ourselves are the ones we can establish, all structure dissipates within our brain. I grew up in a Christian home and there was always that “God created us in his image” quote that comes to mind. A mind created in the image of a god. What do gods do? Create, destroy, they’re limitless. Raises the question… are we the same? All religious stuff aside I can’t recall the last time I encountered a understanding block within myself. The more I meditate the more I see, the more i plummet into mental instability but pfft small loss. The mind is as powerful as anything we can comprehend because it is the means we comprehend. Truly humbling in my opinion.


You know what I mean then! Countless times they said something like “behind you” and I turn to catch something that somebody knocked off a shelf. Before they even make a move to do so. I have a very large spacetime theory about how we could possibly witness future events but… Not much progress made. I have dreams that happen later that day or week extremely often. Like people say things or something that I dreamed of the night before. @Sunlion you with me on that too?



I recommend you spend a week or more going through these interviews. I think you are a thinker, and where you are going with your ability to rationalize will be profoundly more significant to you and others around you if you learn about rationality itself as in logic, language, math etc.

If you get through any of this, or you have questions, let me know how it goes for you. I like to chat. :slight_smile:

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