Sexual experiences with "voices"

And just so we’re on the same table, I am totally for the medications. I am on them. I think they make things more manageable, but even according to psychiatry it is unknown why these medications help.

So you believe there is telepathy but humans are not capable of this?

I don’t think it is humans behind my voices, let me put it that way.

Yeah, i entertain the idea for a while every night. Who’s that persistent? To keep that up for years. I do get voices when I think about people.

I just wish there was enough going on do distract me from this madness. It’s all I know now.

People end up saying the most cryptic things to me.

He’s starting to know

All you have to do is imagine you are

A lot of other stuff I’ve forgotten.

Keeps me spinning.

Humans around you say these things?

If so, it might be covert harassment, or it might be something they are inserting into your mind to trick you. I wouldn’t worry about the humans involved.

In both those cases multiple people were around and they all seemed to hear it. And yes these were spoken words.

The humans involved are a joke, but keep in mind the entities want you to think “everyone” is in on it, which I doubt is the case. They can make it sound like people around you are saying things when they are not. But yeah, I know for certain there are humans involved. The thing is, they’re not the ones we have to worry about, it is the entities which I definitely don’t consider to be human. The nonhuman element is what has the power. The humans are just barbaric sadists.

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Man if you could live a day of my life you’d probably think different. They are harmless. They don’t want it to be real, but sometimes they slip or intentionally say things. One that comes to mind is a short period where I had stopped the communication and i was who I would be without this illness.

“This guy is genius”

Unfortunately that dragged me into an small ego trip and got me thinking it was real again.

Off and on but pretty much constantly all day they judge me.

Think about it, without the entities who would the humans be? Just a bunch of snickering nobodies. I can deal with that. It is the nonhuman entities in our minds we have to worry about. They’re the ones who make this all possible.

I really don’t believe in non human entities. Or free floating consciousness. To be conscious is a mechanistic process. A network of neurons. What would be the substrate for these being to operate from. If they are just a super conscious in the subconscious then does that not make them humans, or perhaps meta human?

My entity is both friend and foe, and he makes fun of the humans involved. He says they act like they are doing this all on their own to me, but they’re definitely getting help from entities like him, which are making this all possible and doing most of the real work.

I believe they through mechanisms that cohere with natural mechanisms hack our brains essentially.

I see what your suggesting. Man were both clearly crazy or there is telepathy either way.

I don’t feel any entities, although I have in the past. I just thought they were ancient souls.

They could be spirits of humans, but at this point they’re not human, as they don’t have a human body.

Guess that’s a good point. The human being is defined by the body, the soul is something else.

The humans are leaving me alone at this point, but the entity is still connected with me telepathically. He’s backed off a lot, but I am still messed up from the trauma and everything.

I am ■■■■■■■ traumatized my friend, beyond belief. I am fine, so long as I drink every night.

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Yeah dude fighting the trauma while it’s still going on is a tough fight.

To me it’s like they take this psychotic person who needs help and just continue to mentally molest him for a few years. They have shown me it’s real and this makes me want control over myself again. I’ve pretty much gotten it back but the voices just keep reminding me of the situation.