Schizophrenia is really god

I got schizophrenia when I first starting talking to god. I know its him or a being that has the power to read the mind and control the body. Apparently some guy is getting what he wants. I’m sure that he was yelled at for some reason and now my life is left crippled to please him. Its not exactly that he’s talking to me…cuz I don’t think he has that kind of time…but I feel my will power has been stripped. Than for reading please ask questions or share something. I’ve spoken to other schizo who think its god too. Lies just different for me now. Now that I’ve figured out the tjing

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i call it the universe,
it actually does seem to have time for me somehow;
i asked how it is possible,
not the time but the difference in scale,
how could this thing talking to be that says it’s the universe actually be something that big,
i mean he started talking about how he weighs more than anything becuse he IS the universe,
so I aksed how that worked, it’s like a microscope, he looks through it and can communicate with any species at any scale.
then he revealed how many insects talk to him directly!
and how few humans do !!!
i don’t call him a god, think those monotheists get confused,
any creature with no human body qualifies as a god to them i guess,
but i don’t have a god,
i am just me, a child of and in the universe,
i am part of it, better integrated into it because of what this culture calls “sz”, a “disease”,
but I pursue it,
i use my madness like a religion,
to appropriate the power of the universe surrounding me,
and walk forward toward universal salvation,
marching forward in the snowfall of nonaction.



I’m like talking to the voices. And he’s real

Bump, no one else thinks its god? He’s pretty damn mysterious and illusive. He’ll confuse u and make u angry. He’ll call these things delusions.

People are callous enough with gawd as it is, using his or her name for this or that. It may as well be me…

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Seperate god from the illness. And if it is anything to do with god it’s probably the devil.

schizophrenia is just your brain. God isn’t our minds. He’s out there supposedly the being that created us.

I think it’s God also or the eye in the sky, maybe the holy ghost or Jehova mixed in, or the devil Satan sometimes. Could be any of those really, or just random spirit beings. Sometimes it’s just my in my head though, but sometimes it’s spirits.

God created the legend of the devil and he setup Jesus to look crazy. Another person is responsible for wish things unto ur body.

Hello beast, why are you using my name? Im the beast, oh wait so are you, okay.

It’s either the “god of this world”, whom is very real, or it’s people with their little toys. Either way it’s technology coming from someone and not a chemical imbalance.

But don’t worry, it all gets taken care of later, it’s going to end up very very even, even stevens.

Back in the day you could know who it was, but now it can be both due to technology.

Either “pan” appeared to me during my fateful torment or some jackass was following me and was using a dam hologram or some ■■■■, either way it is someone and not a chemical imbalance, although yes my brain is now ■■■■■■ due to the medications.

No wonder they thought we were shaman! Not the case, but in the same arena yes.

when i first heard voices in psyhcosis i was convinced it was demons and the devils i thought i was dead and in hell because how could this happen to me these voices within my brain, i felt the voices outside my brain, this happened in the year 2000, now looking back im still puzzeled

Thanks guys. Yea…the voices suck. Seems like god is doing him favors. I’ve seen marks appear on my body. And I know my bodies been moving on its own. Sometimes I think its an alien with incredible technology

I was dominated by a guy who definitely thought he was god, actually that’s happened to me more than once. Very difficult , controlling people. They’re just lost men, what people call “asses”.

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Really appreciate that. Same story here. I have already abandoned all hope to work or even have a conversation. Its such a relief to b able to talk about schizophrenia. Everybody usually gets furious at me when I talk. Schizophrenia is a giant inhibition.

well, that aint the case.

whatever or who ever created us, still has a connection with us

True dat bro. Than for the support. I know gods constantly battling us for the knowledge of his existance

Funny story, I don’t hear voices, but before I started the meds that I’m on now, I prayed real hard asking god if I should take them. I got a very loud and clear no, plus I was told some other things. It freaked me out. I thought, I’m sz, I shouldn’t be trusting voices in my head. So, I went on the meds anyway. I wonder if that was a mistake, maybe it was really god. I haven’t heard the voice since.

I think those meds are brain killers. They leave me susceptible to blackouts. I get told not to take the pills to. But I’m afraid of being arrested for not taking them. I have a bunch I haven’t taken. Either way I have to keep seeing the Dr and take my meds to get my check. I need that check I can’t work. For a long time I thout I wuz lazy but I’m being diverted from work and being immobilized.

You will get in trouble for not taking your meds?

Yea my mom starts scandals with cops and drs