Schizophrenia is really god

A sound mind doesn’t take orders from god. I know I need meds so I listen to me.


A member of the royal family ( I’m not saying which ), said that they knew they were god because they talked to the higher being but they were the only one who heard it! I thought that was cute!

Seriously. Faith can be a really good thing if you use it well. Horrible if you use it poorly!

No slight. I’m mentally ill and I’m an atheist. Life has taught me other lessons and that is no slight against you!

Schizophrenia can make the sufferer experience all that is mystical and magical…it can make the mundane seem anything but…until you approach things scientifically. Drugs can mimic certain symptoms. Changes in brain chemistry or damage to the brain can mimic certain symptoms. It doesn’t mean god doesn’t exist----but it does suggest that schizophrenia is a brian disorder that mimics changes of brain chemistry…

That is a fundamentally better place to start for the sufferer. I’ve seen too many good people get confused by the god thing…I feel cheated by that!

A friend in the struggle, Rogueone.

I’ve had that also, it’s like they want me to know.

I was walking the dog and my hand started to burn, it left two marks for awhile, while it was burning i looked up at the tree i was under and there was a face staring at me.

I was also shocked very badly once, it hurt very badly, it only happened for a moment but was intense, at the moment of the painful shock a face made of light appeared, it was grinning and had fangs.

Either it’s spirits, aliens, or people have found some very foul technology, in any case it is someone with their respective technology.

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I consider schizophrenia to be God utilizing His left hand in my life.

Beast, does God ever talk to you through music videos or tv?

Yea. God speaks through stuff

Most people here don’t entertain the possibility of it being God.
Is it cool to you when He does or…?

I don’t really like it. I think most people do entertain that.

That’s too bad, I can definitely understand though.