Does God Understand Schizophrenia?

I kind of feel like God understands schizophrenia. That God knows our suffering. I believe that acts of violence are agaist God, and that which goes against God is not of God. Which is why welcoming God into your life does help. I’m not religious or a conservative. I have beliefs which some could consider conservative. I am not anti-conservative. I just don’t quite think they go about their convictions rightly. So I do hav very Christian beliefs. I don’t try to convert others to my views. I just think for myself. I don’t have an extremely liberal view either. I took the test and I’m moderate in my beliefs. God has given me guidance. I learned to pray and ask if you have already received, believing with faith not helplessness that God is aware and alive. I do not think I should be a slave to ideas anymore because consciousness is above slavery and God is above both. God is fearsome also, because he allows us to be free and that is a hard reality. Maybe the whole thing is, Adam and Eve and Satan were the disambiguation of the reason we have become disconnected from our reality.What if every schizophrenic was a link to that purpose, and by destroying the illness we never understood how to cure it? If we really were a Christian nation then schizophrenia would not exist.

God understands more than we can fathom in our life times. Who are we to blackout our eyes in the name of somnolence? If God existed in more than person and spirit, God’s beginning has more beginings than we realize.

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God is not a human concept entirely. God is a universal concept.

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Would an all powerful God want powerless children?

It’s an interesting thing to think about. Sometimes I think god is responsible for it. He’s all knowing and all powerful I’m guessing he definitely understands it. That is if there is a god. If the universe is conscious. We are all in the god mind perhaps? He certainly seems to be very rigid and concrete in his processing. It would seem more like a computer program he created. I don’t know the universe is an amazing place.

I go to the church of happy thoughts and cleansed heart. I think God understands schizophrenia. God knows everything. Okay, enough preaching.

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as a sith lord/alien i believe in the force but not god.
take care


I don’t look at ‘God’ as a person. I think there is a history of us (humans) - humanizing others in our image.
I sometimes believe that ‘God’ is an energy or a higher level of existence - yeah enough preaching :neutral_face:

It’s just cool to think about. I watched ancient aliens the other day and found it interesting too. The idea that humanity is older than we think.

yes I believe God understands sz, so He will be there for us when we call to Him. I believe He gave sz to me as a test, to see how faithful I will be to Him, and as a forgiveness for my sins. My sz is a blessing in disguise, because it was since suffering from it that I know my need for God, and we need Him. We come from Him and will return to Him.


I feel blessed for being schizophrenic as it explains a lot of the reasons why I distanced myself from friends and becoming a recluse after turning 18. It explains the feelings of paranoia I get and the weird ideas I build in my head. I think the existence of God is without question, I’ve witnessed how he keeps people safe from violent outbursts (at least in the Western world) and how you bring your own demise upon yourself by acting reckless.

When I discuss things with my inner voice when I hear the voice clearly, I feel it is lying to me often times but the wisdom emanating from that voice seems pretty divine to me.

God gave me everything I could have to succeed, I decided to turn to drugs, and I have no one to blame for that but myself.


A truly omniscient God would be intimately aware of every synapse in all one-hundred-trillion of your brain connections.


When I came to the revelation of the Force in early 1985 it wasn’t long thereafter that Jesus revealed himself to me. The real Force I had tapped into was not unlike that portrayed in the Star Wars saga.

As far as God understanding SZ…of course… Jesus would be diagnosed SZ today and having religious delusions. So would the prophets. Jesus delivered people who had Sz like symptoms such as the cutter in Mark 5 who was hanging out in the tombs and crying and cutting. Jesus also delivered and healed people who were called ‘lunatics’…

Jesus said that people who believed in him and showed the spiritual abilities he had would be persecuted. In his day the religious and political leaders said they had demons and cast out demons by the prince of the devils Beelzebub…today doctors take up that role and label people with a disease they do not understand.
God is well aware of all of this…

I have run up against this even here when I post pictures of real faeries and UFOs, or speak of confirmed spiritual phenomenon witnessed by more than one person and am still told it’s delusional and SZ. Such comments are sincerely believed by those blinded by the devil and the secular mind set of humanistic reasoning which is in opposition to God.


I disagree with you there. Christians are the most hateful group of people. I shouldn’t say all of them, but the ones I have encountered and the ones you hear about protesting gay marriage and abortions. The group I encountered seemed like nice people on the surface, but when their true selves were revealed they weren’t nice people. They were fake and judgmental. It’s narcissistic to believe that if other people don’t believe what you do then they will be punished and go to hell. Why would God create us with sin and then punish us for being ourselves? I don’t believe in the bible. I feel God loves us and just wants us to love other people. If you live a good life you will be rewarded. I don’t agree that if someone is a nasty person their whole lives and even murders other people that they can be saved on their death beds, while someone who dedicates their lives to helping other people but doesn’t believe in Jesus will burn in hell for eternity. It just doesn’t make sense. Those are my beliefs though. I know some of you will disagree, and I’m sorry if any of what I wrote is offensive. I didn’t mean it to be.

To answer your question though, God absolutely understands schizophrenia. There isn’t anything God doesn’t understand. I think medication is an answer from God to people’s suffering. Sure people invented the meds, but I believe it was through divine inspiration. I believe on a macro level God guides us and on an individual level will comfort us. :sunny:

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I wonder if Dinosaurs had cancer, diabetes, schizophrenia, or genetic or other health problems.

The Veloca raptors in Jurassic Park became delusional and thought they could attack a T Rex…however it is believed by some that they were actually trying to protect the humans since they were reptilian alien overlords who were farming the humans for food…

However, this answers one of your questions

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“God gave me everything I could have to succeed, I decided to turn to drugs, and I have no one to blame for that but myself.” This speaks so loudly to me considering how I’ve been going about my days for way too long. I’ve been trying to get myself out of that way since just recently and it’s been hard. I just know that I needed to thank you. I hope I can take the advice you gave, whether or not it was really meant as advice to be given.

Hey Lam, just sharing my experience. It’s never too late to give up on your consumption habits, then you can build upon other areas of your life that you’ve since improved. It will be extremely hard for me to give up drugs without a cure, but at least I’m slowing down and not letting it take over all my free time. The pressure from nurses and parents play a big role too on how I want to give it up. It’s just that it relaxes me and makes me less bored, sometimes you have to accept the fact that life isn’t perfect and you can’t be rich and lazy at the same time… Unless you come from a rich family…lol

Anyways, thanks for the reply and good luck in making changes.

Yes I think God understands

Yes god knows. And understands what schizophrenia is. There are mentions of it in the bible and the hindu books.

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