I think I can talk to gods, you too?

Hi there,

Firstly I want to tell you that I am French so sorry for my bad English.

I have been schizophrenic for many years now and like a lot of others, I had voices in my head and hallucinations. sometimes I believe that the voices come from some gods or deities, do you think the same?

thank you in advance for your answer !

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A lot of our memebers have English as a second or even third language. Don’t sweat it.

Also, the voices are just from your brain. No dieties.



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thanks for your kindness
ok I will believe that it’s my brain

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thanks for your reply, that was helpful

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sounds like hallucinations on top of a delusion.

the voices can personify though.

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I thought so when I was very ill for a while, its a common delusion…

Welcome to the forum

Welcome to our little corner of the internet. Happy to have you.

I believed for many years that my voices were spirits and angels. I still question it, but I try very hard to tell myself it’s only part of the illness.

It’s a tough battle trying to stay lucid and have insight. Reality checking Is good.

Have a nice day.

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Lo there do I see my father; Lo there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers…

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thanks ! it’s good to see I am not the only one haha

I don’t hear voices so no.

Yeah, I talk to myself all the time.
I’m king of the castle and master of my domain. Wanna bet?

It’s nice to meet you! Welcome to the forum! I hope you can find some degree of support here. :slight_smile:

I personally have bipolar disorder type 2, but have experienced psychosis in several forms. I don’t recall ever having delusions about talking to gods, but I have had delusions of grandeur where I’ve believed that I was a god of some sort or some important religious figure. I also tend to have “supernatural” hallucinations, which gets confusing since I consider myself a spiritual person and I don’t know if I’m perceiving my surroundings correctly or not. Do you experience similar things?

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The voices are not dieties

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Voices are not spirits, gods, or deities. They’re just the due to psychosis

Everytime I prayed and heard God, I got psychosis. I take that hearing my priest is a sign of an upcoming psychosis. For me I think praying triggers these voices but sometimes I also heard them when I wasn’t praying so not sure, for sure its the voice of my priest at church. Once I heard many priests praying on me, its that time that I tried to kill myself with an overdose.

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It was like if it was my funeral and priests were praying on my dead body before burrying me.

I think you can hear from dieties. I think God can heal people and I don’t think voices could do that.

I sometimes have voices who claim they are God. Don’t believe a word of it.

Welcome @Lola88

The english author Julian Barnes once wrote:
“I don’t believe in god, but i miss him.”
I think i have it the same way.


thanks for your support and answer !
yes I have also experienced the fact that I thought to be a goddess

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