How many other szs you know of in your family

Doesn’t matter if they’re alive or not, non immediate or immediate

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I have a schizophrenic cousin on both my moms and my dads side. So it definitely runs in my family. We also have a lot of people with bipolar, depression, bad anxiety…like my dad takes lexapro and sometimes Xanax. My sister takes an antidepressant too. My aunt takes a bit of Xanax most days. My mom is the only one I can confirm to not take psych meds :confused:


Sorry guys I messed up the poll and the votes restarted.

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My dads mum had it bad


Just depression I think in my family.

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My cousin on my dads side had it bad.

But my cousin on my moms side is younger than me has a job and lives in an apartment


I have one uncle who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was young. I don’t know if it’s related to my schizophrenia. He acts normally

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No schizophrenics in my family except me :slight_smile:


I’m not sure that’s why I didn’t vote. But apparently my both uncles might have had or have psychosis or schizophrenia. But it’s not confirmed…

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depression on my mom’s side

anxiety on my dad’s side

so I voted 0

My grandmother had paranoia. My dad had paranoia and psychosis of some kind. My son had paranoid sz.

Two deceased members of my Dad’s family had it according to my father. My Uncles are not talking about any others but I bet it’s a family secret, because when I went on to contact relatives there was a cousin who told me about a few more who were either schizophrenics, alcoholics or both. Anxiety and depression are likely among other family members but not diagnosed.

Just depression and anxiety/OCD in my family. I’m the first schizophrenic in my family.

My cousin has schizophrenia. Lots of relatives have depression and anxiety.


Just my dear 80 year old deaf great-gran…Oh wait a minute, no one.


My mothers mother had two sisters with sz. Depression is on my dads side of the family. I also had a distant cousin with sz.

Perfect storm when it came to me!

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I have a cousin who had schizophrenia. He was younger than me, but he shot himself cleaning a gun and died. I don’t know much about him. He was a real social recluse.

No sz, just depression and anxiety. I’m pretty much a random sz.

My grandfather from my dads side had schizophrenia he overdosed on drugs when my dad was 10 years old. My little brother who’s like 20 has schizophrenia and my oldest sister had schizophrenia she committed suicide 3 years ago…then there’s me. My brother and I aren’t expected to make it past 40.

None as far as I know.

My grandma and aunt both had sz. They’ve both passed away.