Schizophrenia and Stress: Any relationship?

Greeting everyone,

I have mentioned my story here with graduate school:

Now I wanted to ask a question please. Does studying itself accentuates schizophrenia symptoms? or stress in general like work stress? Should I be blamed for withdrawing from graduate school, or should I blame it on my condition, or both?

I’m asking this because I’m thinking of returning to graduate school but not sure if I’ll end up in a miserable state again. I’m looking at things I used to believe or do during my time at graduate school, and now I wonder how I believed that or was affected by it. Or why did I do that. Things that I used to believe or have done seem irrational. I was very stressed during graduate school and had to leave the school after finishing 15 courses. So do you think I should think of returning to graduate school, or should I stabilize my condition and let go of that part of life now?

I have other life goals to do anyway like losing weight, being a good son,keeping in touch with and supporting friends, learning new things…etc

However, after not completing graduate school, I feel bad and incomplete myself. I also feel stigmatized by both the illness and not completing the studies.

Thanks ahead for your help

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Also I know that Haldol affects cognitive functioning. Does scgizophrenia itself affect mental processing and cognitive skills?

Yes it does. I feel like I lost 10 or 20 IQ points.

Hey buddy, how’re you? Well I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve been awake for 6 hours now and haven’t done anything productive, except wishing some friends a happy birthday and browsing online. I can’t study and get information in.

So this brings the main question in point: Should I consider doing a graduate degree again? or should I focus on my health and well-being for now?

I honestly don’t know. What will make you happy? Are you stabilized? Can you preform well? Can you deal with the stress? These are the questions you have to answer. Stress is related to schizophrenia. When you’re stressed, the symptoms can worsen.

Going back to school is always a wonderful idea, we need to exercize the brain too not only the body.
Maybe take it one thing at a time, find ways to not let yourself stress so much about things. At least that’s what I intend to do, we don’t need to ace it all, just learn.

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Schizophrenia and Stress: Any relationship?

lol! :joy:

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Sex and Pregnancy: Any relationship?
Tobacco and Cancer: Any relationship?

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Well, forgive my ignorance, but all I know or read about the cause of schizophrenia is genetics and environmental factors. I didn’t know studying (which is a form of stress) can be a challenge while having this illness. It seems it is for many.

When I was in the hospital, I did an enterview for a psychiatrist that was studying triggers for psychosis, and she said that stress had the major role in it.

I was extremely stressed in college when I had a psychotic break. Drugs only made it worse.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to be offensive, but I thought it was common knowledge that there was a strong link between psychosis and stress. They used to call psychotic episodes mental breakdowns.

The only time I ever feel the need to take medication is when I know I’m going to be under large amounts of stress. If you’re considering school and are prone to delusions or psychosis I highly suggest talking to your psychologist about it and sticking to the medicine regime that he suggests.

Initially, I was diagnosed with acute stress.

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Dear Friend .

I am in exactly the same situation as yours.

I was hospitalized (more because I was a rebel) against my parents than any serious mental disorder.

I am against Medications cause they SIMPLY DO NOT HELP YOU.

My plan is to move to another city where I can build a NEW LIFE AWAY from my assholes known as PARENTS . I KNOW I can be alive and well then.


Only concern right now is that ---- There is court case pending in my name. I am trying to resolve that. Once that is settled hopefully I will move out the city and start a fresh life.

In the Next 10 YEARS – The assholes will GROW OLD and DIE and then my life is free.


and why do you say that?.

Because generally when I hear stories like this, the people end up homeless smearing feces on the wall.

Why do you think your parents are to blame for your issues? Most of the time when people think this they find out their parents were only trying to help when they’re older and regret not following their advice. Obviously there’s exceptions to the rule but I don’t know enough about your situation to know if your angst is justified or not.


You need to get over your hate of your parents. They’re probably just trying to help you, but you’re too deluded to see that. You’re not enlightened at all.

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Sorry Saurav, but I have to agree with @astefano here. If you were indeed enlightened you would see the attempts to help you by your parents and be thankful for them. Not build up a pile of rage and dwell on it.

When I was delusional I also thought my mom wasn’t really trying to help me, that she didn’t love me and all of that. Those were delusions…

Edit: The being enlightened part is also a delusion, you don’t get enlightment by reading lots of books on the subject.

I never claimed I was enlightened.

If I was - I wouldn’t have ended up in the hospital in the first place.

I repeat I was hospitalized cause I went aggressive against my Dad ONLY ONCE. That too was provoked…My Mom attempted suicide (it was a drama) and I lost my composure.

Their hospitalization was more an attempt to break me and they succeeded.

My only major problem is that I am unable to recover after that and I REALLY AM BROKEN.

Yes I do read lots of books, But my primary focus is MEDITATION.

And I do know that Meditation has increased my perception levels and Awareness…For example I am able to Judge an individual quite clearly.

Anyways, now even all this MEDITATION is not helping me come out of that Hospitlization …I feel broken and no way out.