College and Schizophrenia

Anyone else here in college? I talked to someone on the old website who is. If so, how well are your symptoms being managed? Do you take medication? I am in remission and in school studying psychology, ironically, lol. I finished my freshman year unmedicated and didnt lose my scholarships. It sucked, I drank like a fish and thats how I survived. Now I have healthier relationships with people (we dont just get shitfaced) and I actually went to class instead of just showing up for exams.


Hi, I’m preparing my self for college, trying to have a second degree, but I had the relapse few weeks ago, just trying to get my self on the track again so I can get on with the admission tests…I never took medications, just tried two pills last week and they gave me a bad reaction…so I’m not on meds and I don’t think I will :), ps. I was SZ since 10 years old, and I have a college degree, and hoping for the best this time…good luck for you mortimermouse.


I’m mid way through a PhD program in mathematics. Math was often the only thing that made sense to me during my darker moments. Undergrad was hard but doable. I always had an ability to withdraw from the world and just do my work, which helped a lot with getting my degree done regardless of how distorted my view of reality was that day.


I took my placement test a few weeks ago and passed so I will be starting college in January. I’m taking two classes, one on-line and one on campus. I’m starting off slow.
I’m going for horticulture since I do landscaping for a job.


I have no idea why I understand geometry and algebra as well as I do. It’s not from active study. But for some reason, my math scores have always been higher then my english scores. I think geometry appeals to both my logic side and my creative side. I love the shapes. I love drawing out the shapes and then trying to figure out how much space they would take. It’s sort of what landscaping is all about.

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i’m doing social care right now, its hard but easier as it is part time,

my med keeps me stable but last night i broke down on the phone because i had a really bad day/week
wednesdays are the hardest after lunch, we have a debate and people dont like what i say, i think its because i am a man idk, i’ve been called sexist and they were talking about benefits and i didnt like what they were saying, i dont think i am sexist tbh. the teacher said i am not normal because i am the only man in the class :frowning: he asked me why i was in a class full of women and i said i hadnt really thought about it.

but the benefits thing really got to me, people think we are all pretending just to get money :frowning: i was like fk off, buncha idiots. i have been trying my best, if i could work i would and i have a genuine disability, they dont even know me.

The teacher is a MAN? And he’s giving you flack for being the only man in the class? That is not cool.

Next time he asks you can say that you need to sociology/ humanities credit.
To call you not normal because your the only guy in the class is a low thing to do as well.

You know… for the rest of the quarter you might what to withdrawal from debate and if they ask you why… you can state that it’s obvious they don’t want any mans opinion. If they really start arguing, I would say, quietly walk out and state that all the anger and hate is too much stress right now.

I’ve been raised with a pretty kick butt modern thinking mom. She’s a science/math teacher and has never been stereotypical. Even she gets a little heated under the collar at what she says she sees as “Modern Feminism” She says the movement has passed from working for equal rights to demanding retribution.
Being a man, I just nod and say… “Oh… hummmm”

The kid sis is a very odd feminist. She has some views that usually really piss other women off. She says if she’s ticking other women off, then that she’s on the right track. But my kid sis is also a bit of a fighter, (more so then I’ve ever been)

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Just finished my first semester back in college. I am studying Psychology right now. Un-medicated but I want to get back into seeing a doctor and get medicated again, I probably should.

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I finished my first year of school unmedicated. It was hell, but I had alcohol on deck to keep me going.

I’m in high school, the application process has me lost, the situation has gotten pretty bad. The whole thing is unnecessarily complicated. I was thinking of doing something with my English skills but they seem to be deteriorating, so that may be out of the question. I think I’m just gonna apply for art school and be done with it, that’s what people tell me to do anyway.

Starting my second semester of this year and I feel uneasy about it. For some reason I feel anxious about it, but I have room to drop elementary logic if it is too annoying. I am taking three psych classes (I always love psych classes, they dont even feel like work), French 2020 (I was a french national honors society student in high school so this should be easy) but then there is logic. The prof told us that it is boring, tedious and that almost half of us will fail the first exam. There is lots of homework, which is odd, usually my classes don’t have homework problems each night but have papers or projects instead.

I can drop logic if it gets too stressful, I took AP’s in high school and I wont be missing credits, my degree planner says I’m already over halfway done with my degree. I just did so well last semester, I made all A’s and I have anxiety about this logic class but I feel confident about all of my other classes.

I wish you guys starting up about now the best of luck! The weather will be nice and warm by the time we’re taking finals!

i’ve just sent a message to my course leader telling her that i am not going back because i am struggling and i cant take college anymore, but i want to do more volunteering instead,

i’ll let you know how it turns out x

sometimes things just

I am going to college right now, majoring in psychology. Since I majored in Liberal Arts at community college, though, I didn’t have any psych classes yet, so I am in Introductory Psychology. It is my favorite class–no groups, just reading, listening to the lectures, and quizzes and exams. I take meds, and have some symptoms–intrusive thoughts–to contend with. I also like Intro to Ethics. We’ve just discussed cultural relativism and ethical relativism, and read stuff by people who didn’t buy into either. I am sincerely hoping to get all A’s this semester, I really hope I do, I am going to try really hard.


since my psychosis i have been to school but dropped out quickly, not because i couldn’t do it, but because i just had no motivation to. especially a BA. ■■■■ that. what a waste of money. way too many people in university, so i’d rather just stay home.

its not as fun as it sounds. i walk around campus a lot, and wonder how i would be doing in class, if i had it. and i guess it sucks not meeting girls. :confused:

Men can do better than women without a college degree. But still, you might reconsider it at some point. Plus, like you said, you’re not meeting girls. I think a big part of what college is supposed to be about for younger students is the social aspect. I know I missed out on that.

My first year was pretty sweet. I wasn’t having many symptoms and I aced every class.

The second year I started drinking a lot, which I think was a major factor in a pretty serious relapse that happened. I stopped going to school but never withdrew. I screwed my GPA big time.

Years later I tried again and had another relapse. My academic career is done.

Had some good times though, would have gone for a mathematics degree.

No… I really can’t concentrate on pages of information because of the voice… Ill get side track very easily

I’m just working on finding a job right now, but when the opportunity ever presents itself I will go back and finish. I don’t know what career I want still, but I love psychology, sociology, and computer science but it’s too male dominated. IDK.

I’m in college and studying Psychology(at the end I will have a triple major and a minor/certificate).

It is not ironic, it makes a great deal of sense. Who better to want to help people? Many psychologists are either mentally ill or have family/close friends who are/were.

Some days are much better than others. Currently trying to get registered with disability services and see what they can do for me.

I am un-medicated and I need to get in to see a doctor. Right now it is about making it through the day, one day at a time.

My grades could use some work, I currently have a low A, high B, mid B, mid C. I made the Dean’s List last semester and hope to continue to do so. I would really like to get into the Psi Chi.


i really admire you alex .
take care