Scared of certain people

ever since the very beginning of my illness i have been scared of people that are not from my country (no offence) ever since 9/11 and what with all the immigrants they have been moving up here,

but lately it has intensified because of what happened down in Woolich to that soldier in London :frowning: i cant seem to get those images out of my head :frowning: and then to rub salt in to the wounds there was another man that said ‘there will be more like him’ it was in the paper and on the news and its just horrible,

it is making me feel really bad lately, how can he say something like that and get away with it, i dont know what to do about this :frowning: i’m not racist but these people seem to be walking all over us, and we are letting them :frowning:

feel terrible this morning really, want to cry

everything is against us these days, i just wish something good would happen :frowning:

wish someone would do something (probably sound like a nazi or something) :frowning:

how could they do that it is sickening, they are not people, real people would not do that :frowning: they are monsters and i hate them, i cant get this out of my head :frowning: its evil, its pure evil.

i hate to say it but i want them dead

what do you get scared about?

For me there is often no logicality to who i am scared/wary of. It is more often than not an instant judgement based on how they look but as they often say ‘you can’t judge a book by it’s cover’.
I am scared of individuals rather than specific ethnic or racial groups. There are good and bad in every group of people be they an ethnic or religious grouping.

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Im scared of witches actually, when i was younger i saw some of them cut a guy’s head off on “faces of death 3”.

And i’ve also seen some of the things they can do, like causing “visions”, or how they would put it these days a hallucination.

Can’t stop a spirit, can’t call the cops on a spirit, no one on earth could help you if they were to target you.

And since demons are in charge of this place yeah, id say im scared of their little earthly helpers.

yeah but they are all going to turn against us in the end

I donno how to comfort you but I can see its a small problem,are you a little paranoid about it?

i woke up feeling ■■■■ and then the news came on about that thing again and it is really bothering me, i think i am a bit paranoid, i’ve been trying to talk to someone on the phone about it but they cant talk right now,

i am scared that someone might try and chop my head off i think

that man was completely innocent and i cant believe someone could actually do that to someone, i never thought it was possible for someone to be so evil, it is a new kind of evil, the worst kind

Maybe you need a change of meds or add more meds?

Faces of death is fake. Just made to look real. With a careful eye you can notice that its all staged. Such as how the camera angles are perfectly set up to film the action. same with reality TV.

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All though I have been friends with some foreign people who are great people. I’m guarded around them because they seem to have a chip on their shoulder. I’ve been told they think Americans are stupid and lazy and it will be so easy to have the perfect life when they get to the US. Then they figure out after getting hear that its not. And instead of realizing that Americans aren’t stupid and lazy they prefer to see their difficult life from Americans are against them. I don’t know how it is for other cultures but white people in the US don’t help other white people just because they are white.

Part 3, at least some of it was not fake.

Like stalin’s henchmen ripping a guy apart with horses.

That tweren’t faked.

And i’ve seen what these people can do in part, and wouldn’t you know it they can make you HALLUCINATE! No one could stop it either.

The news has been making it’s money reporting only the bad stuff. The news has stopped being news a long time ago and now they like to try and find the most extreme and ugliest stuff to put up there. I take real issue with the “news” It’s not news. It’s gossip and entertainment.

I’ve had to read magazines for real news. REAL news like… “Government is cutting unemployment benefits”… was not on our news. It’s “what Honey Boo Boo thinks” (Honey Boo Boo is a 5 year old redneck on a reality t.v. Show)

Or here in my city… I would think that the relocation of one of the Boeing Airplane plants that effects almost 25% of all jobs in the city would be news… but no! The head line was Justin Bieber drunk drives and might have to go back to Canada"

Another one that got me… Washington State ferry routes were going to change dramatically and that would have a huge impact on over a 100 thousand people trying to commute in the city. That wasn’t news… it was a large article about a man who beats his dog. Yes, It was horrid that the man beat his dog. I’m glad the dog got saved. But that wasn’t “NEWS”

The news is not news. It used to upset me and affect me horridly. I’d say turn the “NEWS” off and go for stuff on-line or in library magazines. Try living without the “NEWS” for a day or two and see if you feel better. I know I felt a lot better not having all this ugliness flashing at me all the time. It just felt better not having all the shouting, the dumb questions people ask and the fact that though it’s shocking and unfortunate… it’s not NEWS.


And whether or not this particular video was staged you know it can and does happen.

In fact, even if everything was indeed staged in these videos they all can and really do happen still.

well i ended up going to my care centre and talking to the duty nurse about things and she was very helpful, it was not a pleasant experience, i felt weird and i think i was pretty symptomatic, i couldn’t think properly and i was really nervous,

i havent seen anyone for a while and now college has stopped i am left with an empty mind (which is not a good thing) i need something to focus on, something positive.

i have the tv off now, the nurse told me that thing would be all over the news today because they are having the trial today about it.


Good job getting to the nurse and talking it out. Having an empty mind and extra time on our hands is a dangerous gig. It’s too easy to sit and just sink back into our heads.

Turning off the ugly T.V. and getting out and talking to the nurse is a very great first step. :thumbsup:

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America is the nation of immigrants. I was there from 1989 to 2002, 13 years. I personally do not like people who use violence, especially physical violence. But you must know that Al Qaida, Saddam Hussein and many others have been created and developed by American intelligence services in the past, but they have perceived that America failed them and so their orientations changed. I can date my family tree back to the 1600s, before the nation of America was ever established.

Honey Boo Boo lives in Georgia - what an embarrassing representation for the rest of us Georgians, I cringe every time I see a bit of that show. I promise you the majority of us are not like that:)


Oh, I know. I get so mad at the media for pandering to this.

But I also feel sorry for this little girl. She obviously didn’t sign the contracts to have this happen to her. Imagine when she’s in college trying to better herself… Everyone will always see her as how she’s portrayed today.

I dont really understand your irrational fear of foreigners, sounds more like your up bringing than anything else - I fear terrorists not foreigners - there is a difference. Im sorry but it does sound a bit bigoted.
Even though I am caucasian (white) I am the opposite of you - I fear authority figures, and in England and the US this means white middle aged or older ultra conservative males - these people run the banks, corporations, healthcare, government etc … These are the real boogie men :ghost:


Im not afraid of anyone unless they have a weapon and are trained to kill people efficiently. Good thing paranoid schizophrenics arent allowed in the armed forces, which insures that I will never have to come across such a person!

I really am more afraid of reckless drivers than anything else. A huge hunk of metal on wheels moving at 60mph is a lethal weapon. I hate driving because my city is notorious for speeders and idiotic drivers.

Yep, and how bad is it that they have to show sub-titles as to what they are saying. Heck, I’m a born and raised southerner and I don’t even know what they are saying half the time lol.

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