Fear of watching tv

I currently have a fear of watching American televsion because I think they can see me and read my mind on the other end. But I can watch Korean, Chinese, or Japanese tv just fine. This is partly because I cant understand the language and they would not be as focused on me or my life. Sometimes I have a fear of actors or celebrities popping up visually and auditorly. They end up calling me names because of my intrusive thoughts about them. I have people I run into talking to me. And I would think “i don’t want to talk to this person,” and they would get mad at me. I’m not good at communicating with these people. I do not say " How was your day today."

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if i watch tv, british or american, i hear all their voices telling me what a bad person i am and how this is all my fault…typical persecution complex really so i don’t watch soaps, dramas or music videos. only documentaries featuring the general public as even though i hear their voices too, it doesn’t bother me. if it makes u uncomfortable then don’t watch. i don’t listen to the radio either for the same reason. i miss music and dramas but not enough to make me watch them so it’s no bother really. try some different meds hunni. that’s what i’m going to do. if they work then great, if they don’t then uv lost nothing. personally i don’t believe i’ll find a med that works but it’s worth the experiment anyway right? i used to hear the voices of people in the street, in shops, anywhere i went, all saying that they hated me and wanted me dead and my soul tortured for all eternity. it terrified me at first, lasted for about 6 months untill i asked myself, how likely is it that this is really happening, that every british speaking person i meet can read my mind, that every person i meet is part of a giant conspiracy. it’s hardly likely is it? it just popped like a big zit and all the worry just went away. and now i don’t believe in it, i don’t really hear them anymore. i still hear the celebrities everday, sometimes every hour of the day, sometimes only a few paragraphs a day but i don’t believe i;m telepathic anymore so although it can b depressing, most of the time it doesn’t bother me anymore and if u could just get to that stage of not believing u’ll b fine. so go ahead and try some different meds. they may not stop the voices but at the very least they may stop ur belief in telepathy. simple experience and logic did that for me and i hope that eventually it will do the same for u. much love, jayne xxx

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I have a fear of T.V. these day’s just because off all the unhealthy trash that is on and it makes me SO upset I can’t get over it. I rant about it for days.

Toddlers in tiara’s is the most diseased thing I’ve ever seen.

I also can’t take all the screaming commercials nor the Panic news that is not news. If I owned a T.V. and kept hearing all the panic… I’d be a nervous wreck. Especially when the cause of this media Panic isn’t even news.

The other day there was a panic waring shouting from a T.V. in the lobby of the community center… “IT’S GOING TO RAIN IN SEATTLE…” I got rid of the T.V. ages ago and I love it. I can watch stuff online. No commercials

me too, i cant stand those commericals, so hectic in visuals and audio.
while they try too brainwash you, buy,buy,buy me.
maybe there is an sensitivity for those triggers

and i do not watch the news, its all bad stuff most of the time.

I haven’t had a tv for a long time…I like to watch documentaries online. TV has set programs and i feel strange knowing that someone programs what i watch at a certain time. My mom used to unplug the tv and cover it because she thought it was watching her! My Aunt did the same thing so i grew up being suspicious of television.

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TV had helped me a lot in stoping my psychosis.

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The only show I can not handle is Good Morning America. The hosts George Stephanopolis and Robin Roberts are evil looking and give me the creeps. :speak_no_evil:

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Dude Ive been in your EXACT shoes.
I’ll tell you my absolute best theory.
God has decided to work on your heart…your brain
What He does is treats you somewhat like a dog getting trained
When you think a bad thought about a person on tv they respond…
when you go out in public you’ll have much more control of your “intrusive scumbag brain” I promise.
Whenever you have a bad thought actively think against it.

Ever played a game like age of empires?
Use your visual mind to see yourself defeating whatever it is starting the thoughts and you’ll come out the better.

This won’t stop the universal responses but I bet things will change drastically if you take my advice!

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me too.i don’t like live t.v…anyone else?

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Well, I like it when it’s nice to me!