( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠°) Say anything XXV 👑


How was dinner?


I ended up making the salmon,

It was good,

Nothing special.

Tasted very healthy,

So, it was okay, I guess.

Hope you get to sleep soon,

I’m half way there myself.


I wanted to finish my movie but i moved to my bed. The pizza was happily burnt on the bottom a touch. Still good. It can be a hit or a miss with that pizza pub.


I have my first ear infection ever. It sucks!! I can’t hear anything out of 1 ear at all it’s totally blocked. And before I took ibuprofen it hurt a lot!! I leave for my trip Sunday! Bah!!


I’m going to get called names for going to get a lab done.


Go sleep in a tree rox. It’s not going to get better.


I woke up a little earlier, drinking coffee now :slight_smile:


@Jedi whats up… u changed in to blue…haha…!!!


Guys just had morning meal. . Resting and typing in the forum…!!! What are u guys upto man. .??


HI! Good morning! Do you like it blue?


Do you like this blue text far cry?


Hi @far_cry0 and @Jedi. :slight_smile:

I’m debating on going to bed or staying up for another hour to catch a show.

Ha! Decisions.


Hi @Montezuma idk it is your choice :slight_smile:


True :slight_smile: I’ll probably go to bed within an hour.

Btw, you have the coolest username.

I used to love the Star Wars movies in my younger years.



Why dont u wait for coast to coast. …!!! Its a nice programme…!!!


@Jedi WHATs up…!!! Have u smoked any cig today…???


No cigs for TODAY and not willing to do it again :slight_smile:


Man u are doing great… keep it up…??? U can quit…!!!


I am happy man…!!!


That’s awesome! Congrats!