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Carry on, my loyal subjects!


anything is here



Booooooo second. Damn body is unclear message.


I did it first post :stuck_out_tongue:


Third post 1525


@Mountainman out here stealing everybody’s thunder!


I’ve been woking out my fingers for days waiting for this moment :star_struck:


■■■■. It’s storming outside. Wooo


I feel so happy my pdoc doubled my dose of Prozac. It’s been nearly three weeks and i swear I’ve had almost zero flashbacks. They were wrecking me. Straight up. Thank you Mr. Pdoc.



I should eat dinner soon, but Mr. Star took me out to lunch and I’m not hungry yet. I can wait until 8:00 without throwing off my meds.


I’m starting to feel like maybe I want to go to the hospital. My sister has a job through the 23rd, so I absolutely can’t go before then. But if she doesn’t get another job Immediately after that I think I might check myself in. Assuming I can’t get into see my doctor before then.


Can you call and ask for an emergency appointment? Is this over sleep or depression? Or something else?


I should at least walk to the mailbox. At least get a taste of fresh air. Maybe say hello to my neighbors perhaps. Wouldn’t kill me.


I sort f explained things in the last thread. So, long story short, I’m convinced this is a dream that I need to die to wake myself up because you sure in a dream you wake up. I think someone is out in the real world keeping me asleep and I need to wake up. Night before last I took a bit too much Klonopin to try to wake myself up but it didn’t work. I just slept for a long time. It’s it much all I’ve talked about lately, though. If you want to read my posts and have nothing better to do with your life.


Mr LED is working on getting me an emergency appointment.


Oh gosh, sorry I haven’t been keeping up. The behind the scenes forum work has been consuming all my free time lately. I’ll go catch up.


Okay. Idea. Can your sister take Baby LED to her nannying job if you end up needing the hospital? Most folks wouldn’t care if an extra kid was around to play with their kids.


She’s got 6 month old twins, so that would be a lot of extra work for her.


Is that her assessment or yours? Because three kids is a lot for some people, and totally doable for others.

I just ask because I’m the type of person to assume I would be horribly imposing on someone, so I don’t ask for a favor, then I find out they wouldn’t have been put out at all.


Mine. I guess I could ask her. I just know that Ridley is a very needy kid plus she’s in the middle of potty training. Seems like too much for one person with the priority being on the twins.