( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠°) Say anything XXV 👑


Why something cool happened or what?


Quitting smoking is great job man… some people cant quit smoke till they die… and u quit like cold turkey… i tried several times but couldnt now i am sucessful…!!!


I’m not going to try anything tonight, but the hallucinations are getting the better of me right now. I’m really struggling.


@LED I hope your pdoc will help you at your next appointment giving you good meds. Other than that idk how to help


Thanks. I know there’s nothing you can do. I’ll save it for my doctor.


Guys i took a short nap…!!! No energy to do anything…!!! ■■■■ lifes so miserable…!!!


I’m gonna go see my grandparents today, and I’ll be staying at their place until tomorrow. Really looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Well, my grandpa and I only made it about 150m down the road before the car decided to completely stop functioning.
People are honking and making hand signals at us, but no one has stopped to offer us help yet.
The emergency triangle is broken, and the emergency lights only work when the car does.


Coast to coast is a good radio program. I miss listening to it📻


Quasall @roxanna … whats up… good morning i am sipping some warm milk…!!!


Good morning farcry!


Good morning everyone. I just got up, having my coffee. I’m not sure what I’ll do today.


Morning everyone.


Good morning guys,

I’m just now getting up and having coffee too.

Didn’t sleep very well,

Kinda tempted to lay back down for a little bit.


I’ll drink this coffee and power through it,

Maybe I’ll sleep better tonight.

Did you get any sleep @LED?


someone convince me to take the day off, going to be too hot to work :frowning:


Take the day off,

Didn’t you say you’re having record setting heat today?

You could get a heat stroke.


yeah it should be the hottest day ever here


You’ll be hot enough just existing without adding all the extra work,

You really shouldn’t be out in the sun, at all.


Yeah, getting older, sun is my enemy now, used to love sun tanning but have not for years


Twelve weeks free of nicotine today.