( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠°) Say anything XXV 👑


Its like a regular hamburger with Chihuahua cheese, pico de gallo, and a brioche bun.

I think that’s what I’m going to make,

My husband has now chimed in and wants burgers.

Its gonna be delicious,

I’ve only had a stupid bowl of cereal to eat today and I’m starving.


Hmmm! Goulash sounds great. I haven’t had that for a long time. I think I’m going to make homemade sushi within the next several days.


Yeah, that sounds good!


cook up a stir friy with a honey in it.


Ahh! Another good idea. I miss the Honey Chicken i used to order at the Chinese restaurant.


I made orange chicken with penne pasta earlier. Turned out real good :slightly_smiling_face:


Gah, stupid hormones! I was excited to go to the astronomy event in my town tonight, but then instead I got nervous and stayed home! I didn’t have anyone to go with, because Mr. Star worked late tonight.

Realistically, it’s fine. There’s too much light pollution to really enjoy the stars there. But I’m mad at myself for chickening out. I never used to chicken out of things before my head injury. I took every risk, even stupid ones. Now, I’m afraid of way too much. Stupid PTSD.


Ohh! I’m sorry @ninjastar. PTSD is a noonday demon. It really is. I feel for you. Please take care of yourself.


Hey hey folks!

I took a nap earlier. I feel a lot better.

I was feeling kinda bad earlier.

Now things have sort of smoothed out, for the most part.


I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. :slight_smile:


Now i ate something. Not much but because of the heat my tummy is being a bit of a beast.


Thank you :slight_smile: I think I’m just nervous about school.

I hope this basic science class isn’t going to be as hard as ‘intro to bio.’


I’m sure it will be fine. A lot of students find biology to be very challenging, even at the intro level.


I’m doing alright. Having the baby over has really given me a chance to not think about anything.


Glad to see you. General Bio and lab was fun as ever. I got flustered a tad over the genetics chapters but still it was cool.

I think if you can find yourself a good lab\study partner that really helps.


Good to see you too!

Yeah, I imagine out of a certain amount of students there has to be at least 1 that can handle my weirdness. Ha!

But yeah, a study partner is a pretty solid idea.


In my experience. 98% of the students want to be there. I met a 2% once. Wasn’t fun. But I’m sure you’re not as weird as you may feel. I think you will do fine cuz you seem smart about watching for the stressors.


Thank you! Yeah, I’m only taking 4 credit hours. That’s not even a half-time course load.

I think I’m gonna crack open the textbook later tonight. Maybe start taking basic notes.

Yeah, most of the students at my college want to be there. The sciences are often required courses.

Sorry you had to run into that 2%.

But I think you’re right, I should do fine since it’s just 1 class to worry about. :hugs:


Still can’t fall asleep, been trying for two hours. I have another cup of chamomile tea brewing.


You’re gonna do great, homie.

I’m proud of you for getting back at it.