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I read an excellent article by a porn star not too long ago,

She’s super smart and I’d seen some of her “movies” before.

I can’t remember what her name is and don’t want to google her as I’m definitely going to watch some porn if I do…

Joanna something…

I’m pretty sure her name was Joanna.

Anyone know??

Also read another great article by a lesbian stud pornstar, short red hair,

Again, don’t want to google her,

Anyone know these ladies??


That particular person doesn’t ring a bell. But I have watched “reformed” porn stars on Youtube talk about their stories which i always find interesting.


ugh that was my x’s name, LOL don’t want to watch that


These women are still active in the industry, which to me provides additional insight.

They wrote about everything, unbiased.

It was incredible,

But they’re definitely not reformed,

Both are still making porn.

Although one of them is my age, so she’s got to be close to retirement or at least some sort of fetish videos…




Are you referring to Jenna Jameson?



This woman is younger.

Very petite, dark hair, lots of tattoos.

I’m still pretty sure he name is Joanna,

Still, could be wrong.


Joanna Angel? This is what comes up under joanna porn article on google.



It was Joanna Angel,

I just remembered and posted on the other thread.

Thank you!!


Her article was okay,

The red head’s article was okay too.

I was really just impressed with their feminist outlook and sexual habits.


I watch porn for the girl’s feminist outlooks. lol


Sometimes I forget that “voices” are hallucinations. Like, I was telling my husband about how great haldol was because I haven’t hallucinated more than a handful of times in the last year or so. Then he questioned me about the bad voices I’ve been hearing the last month or so… :rofl:



Is it Red Fox or Red Heaven?



This woman has very short hair and is kinda butch-y.

She’s exclusively in lesbian porn.

But I’m impressed with your knowledge…



Damn, back to porn hub…


I should be working



Penny Pax, Elle Alexander or Lily Cade?



Its Lily Cade,

Nice work, man!!


So, court went fine this morning. Supposedly I will be getting $550 restitution for the two TVs, later this month. We’ll see.

I’m debating if I really want to go to work this afternoon. I mean, I still have to shower, eat lunch, take the pooch for another quick walk … It would be at least noon by the time I get there, then work until 3:30? I don’t know, they don’t even have a need for me right now, and that’s quite a drive to make for 3 1/2 hours of work. I did tell my boss that I would try to come in for the afternoon, if I could, that I didn’t know how long court would take.


Call him and see.

They may not even need you, like you said.

Calling would at least show an effort…


I might stay home today, work is slowing down due to xmas