🎆:one::zero:🌈 Say Anything the 10th! 🌈:one::zero:🎆


Thank you @goldenrex. A supposed ‘professional’ is acting in an unethical manner towards my parents. I will call him in an hour. I need results now.


Be assertive, but nice.

You’ll get what you need and be one step loser to some sort of solution I’m sure.


for personal reasons i am trying not to watch porn. i made it ten days until last night. i was on a streak :neutral_face::expressionless:


I gave up porn a couple months ago,

Its not easy, man.

Just don’t fall back into the same habits because of one slip up.

You’re doing good, ten days is an accomplishment.


I, too, was on a fapless streak that ended last night haha


for me to actually stay away from it, i need to do affirmations/mantras on my intent during hours away from at night when i go to bed, which is where the temptation is strongest.

Thanks @goldenrex, I was overconfident about my streak but some voice came in inside and said ■■■■ it. That’s how it goes.


Its just the porn, right?

You’re not trying to stop masturbating…

Its impossible.


I never watch porn, never seen much point to it


Yeah, its just the porn.

Freakin distorts my view of reality too much…

Now listening…


Anything the 10th!


Good advice @goldenrex. I will contact his professional association to get some more info on ethical/unethical practises before I call him.



Just making sure.

Everybody knows porn isn’t like real sex a loving or at least respectful couple would have,

But occasionally, its good for easy orgasms.

I think it its not a habit, once in while its okay.

But I understand completely what you’re saying.

My very best friend (who has some serious, serious kinks) was filmed and published without her permission over the summer and it inspired both of us to give up porn for good.

It wasn’t easy.

However, it was getting more and more difficult to call ourselves feminists with the habits we had…


Beautiful morning today, going to make myself some coffee.


I just finished class at college :smiley:
Now I’m going to get some coffee bc I can’t live without it :octopus:


this is related to another reason of mine, which is the poor treatment of the girls that goes on behind teh scenes. I can’t support that.

Also, you’re point about porn not being like real sex hits home especially to guys who like me starting watching at 12 or 13 and were given false expectations.


Make one for me…!!! Chris…!!!


Sometimes its easier to make an outline of the points you want to make and exactly what your goal in the conversation is.

Especially if you’re not great with confrontation.


I don’t watch porn because

I just don’t like it lol

It’s creepy and dark

Sets unrealistic expectations

Any feelings you get from watching it are f-a-k-e

Fake feelings = false sense of reality

Bad for psychotic symptoms


I prefer to watch people going about their normal life, (living on cam) rather than watch porn, but it might be the same at times.


I would call myself a feminist if it weren’t for my lifelong porn habit.

I have this unusual belief that women are going to be in charge of men in the next life. Haha

If you believe in the balance of justice , i.e. karma, then the exploitation of women has to be matched somehow. Men don’t get away with treating women poorly. Is what I think i’m getting at.