🎆:one::zero:🌈 Say Anything the 10th! 🌈:one::zero:🎆


Yeah, I’m not one to make phone calls lol. I can’t just call my foreman, anyway, since he’s always out on the floor, doing stuff.

I know for a fact that they don’t need me right now. Yesterday there was no work for me in my usual dept, so they had me assisting someone in the dept I worked in while my finger healed. That woman I was helping could have made the molds without my help just fine, but it was something for me to do, to get me hours.


I see.

Can you send a text and let him know you’re not coming in?

I don’t know what’s appropriate,

Are they expecting you?


I don’t have his cell number to send him a text. I’m not sure if he’s really expecting me or not, since I said I would “try” to be there for the afternoon, didn’t say I would be there. I just really don’t want to go in, make that drive for just a few hours of work. Maybe in a bit I’ll call the office and let them know, so they can let him know.


Someone entertain me, I’m bored :sob::joy::joy::rofl:


I think that’s fair.

They don’t need you and its a far drive,

I understand why you don’t want to make the trip.


Professor Brothers to the rescue!!


I have a pdoc appointment today and I’m so nervous to admit I’ve been purging several times a day…


File this under “bad guy does a good thing”

I just received a notification on my phone that said a pimp called police worried about his missing prostitute.


Today started off kind of stupid…it’s stupidly windy today.


I finally slept in today


Yay it’s my one day to be a total social recluse! hallelujah! holy ■■■■!

I already spent half of my day sleeping though damnit. :sleepy:


70 percent done with javascript tutorial. Might try to finish today. or at least get 90ish percent done. It’s pretty fun and simple so far. Can’t wait to actually make websites from scratch.


The college got my disability stuff in. Just need to make an appointment!


Yeah, I never did call, just fell asleep on the couch instead. Oh well. I’ll go into work tomorrow.


If the earth approximates a sphere, and a sphere is a 2D object in 3D space, does that mean the earth is approximately flat? :thinking: Maybe the flat-earthers have been right all along! :crazy_face:


“I held your hands for all these years…”


I hope everything works out for you @Tomasina! Sending love your way!


Hey I’m late to the party sorry about that! I’ve had issues in the past with this too, (even the cringy nasty titles ruin it for me) that’s why I now go on these specific feminist porn sites, filmed by an all woman crew, all consensual ect.

I honestly always wanted to be a pornstar, and a feminist, and revolutionize the way things are. I believe you can be both for sure. If anything instead of boycotting porn and shaming it we should be trying to make it safer, same as prostitution and pretty much all other forms of sex work.

I do understand why people don’t watch porn. The stuff easiliest found is trash. You can never tell if it’s consensual and it’s never realistic. I just hope one day the guidelines and rules change so we get less trash and more good old wholesome porn, lol. :joy:


My Heart Is Broken is a good song of theirs


I am stuck on a level in a video game and it’s been like 3 weeks :joy: