Quack Medicine

This guy, Mike Greenstein with the alleged world’s strongest teeth says he brushes with Kosher Salt. Don’t believe him, he is a liar, the news tells lies. Salt is highly corrosive and destroys boats. I know sodium chloride is like sodium fluoride in name only but don’t try it. He’s been on the news, in the newspaper and on America’s got talent. I know salt is a necessary nutrient and it’s in saline solution but just take my paranoid word for it, sometimes I’m right. There’s an old wives tale about gargling with saltwater for a toothache too but don’t believe it. I know you can bite food with salt but it’s not the same thing.

Even if it were true - yuck, who’d brush their teeth with salt. I’ll stick with toothpaste.

toothpaste is just soap, it’s not even anti cavity germ causing strep mutans soap like listerine or chlorhexidine or prescription mouthwash what it does is it’s like you got this germ on you like grease, you wash it off, but your hand could still have germs on it but the grease is off most of it is off if you wash multiple times. it could still not be clean enough to prepare raw food with. that’s what toothpaste does it washes what’s visible and that’s why you still get cavities because you didn’t use some mouthwash with chlorhexidine or essential oils. no study says fluoride cleans the germ strep mutans it just washes varying amounts of it off depending on brand.

Yeah I use the mouth washes. It’s virtually impossible to be 100% germ free. They mutate and gain immunity to what you’re using. I did see a dentist recently and they were happy with my teeth. No cavities. :wink:

there are publushed studies you can find by googling nih and various things. nih is the national institutes of health and they will publish anything.

good teeth can be a genetic thing. I dont always brush, i eat candy, drink pop, never floss.
I`ve never had a cavity. I didnt go to the dentist for 8 years, then i went because i thought maybe i should just in case. My teeth were fine. and there white.

So i got the teeth genetic lottery.
definitely didnt win the lottery for my brain though!

I never use mouthwash and almost never get cavities.
The only times I’ve gotten cavities it was because I didn’t brush often enough.

cavities plural? you have had multiple cavities multiple times?


I have schizophrenia, and I was a kid once. Don’t pretend this proves your point. I have had one cavity as a kid, because I didn’t brush, one rotten wisdom tooth that I couldn’t reach with the toothbrush, and one cavity as an adult that came after years of neglecting my dental health because of schizophrenia. I.e. often not brushing for days. I have, during my entire life, probably used mouthwash less than 50 times.

Not everyone gets cavities from not using mouthwash. You’re wrong. Simple. Just brush your teeth and floss and you’ll be fine. In fact, I’ve never even had a dentist recommend mouthwash to me.

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I thought a saline solution wasn’t too bad for your mouth. Not saying teeth but saliva is the basic start of digestion and a saline mouthwash wasn’t a bad thing???

Not my area of expertise but I don’t see that as a totally bad thing!

i have relatives that brush there teeth religiously like after everymeal 3 times a day , floss , dentist every 6 months to a year, eat practically vegan.
and they still get cavities!

so thats why im convinced genetics is a big part of it. since i do the opposite and never get anything.

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It might have something to do with their diet, though.
Vegan diets are much more problematic than normal diets nutritionally.

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oh really. i never knew that. good to know!

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and which nutrients are in meat?

getting a filling from Dr. Otto as a kid

“Now, Sheri, don’t you cry.”

I use Crest, that’s what the dentists use, and I use Crest mouthwash too.

straight teeth, but lots of fillings. I put sealants on my kids teeth.
Wasn’t sure I should do that, but I did. They have no cavities, 26 years old.

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I don’t like most brands of mouthwash. Many of them have sweeteners in them which irritate my cavities.

this guy is featured in the guiness book of world records too?

Brushing too much wears out the enamel. Brushing after a meal is bad also, since the acidity of a meal weakens the teeth, and makes them more susceptible to cavities. Should wait an hour after eating a meal before brushing, and rinse the mouth with water beforehand.

It depends on the toothpaste. Toothpastes with fluoride are anti-cavity. Most organic toothpastes are not, but brushing away food particles still helps with cavities and germs, because germs grow on particles of food left in your mouth.

the nih says fluoride does not clean the germ that causes cavities. the nih also says toothpastes get varying amounts of the germs removed depending on whether or not it
has triclosan in it which removes more. you’re worrying me i almost feel like you’re just imperfect enough to give salt a chance.