Haven't brushed my teeth

I haven’t brushed my teeth for like two weeks. I was delusional and the voices told me not to brush my teeth. This has happened for like six months. I have probably brushed them like 8 times over this whole time period. Luckily the voices told me to use soft soap instead, like once a day. A filling came out and it has been a couple of weeks and I haven’t been to the dentist. I’m waiting until I’m mentally ready to go to the dentists. Anybody have trouble with brushing their teeth?

No, but with dentists. I need a lot of drugs to go there.


Yeah, I’m the same way. I use nitrous oxide every time I go. I kind of like the feeling when using this chemical. It helps me relax.

I find that dental problems are like problems with your car. Once something starts to go wrong, the longer you take to have it fixed, the worse and more expensive it becomes.

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I’m the exact same way. I get really freaked out about people touching my face. So the few times I’ve been to the dentist, I’ve had to be almost knocked out.

i didn’t go to the dentist for like 2 or 3 years not because i didn’t want to go but because i didn’t have dental insurance. and also i was hallucinating so it would have been hard to go anyways! ! I ended up having one cavity after i finally went but i have like 12 teeth on watch!! it sucks. i try really hard to make sure i brush and floss now. I want my teeth when i’m an old woman!

Jake, try to get your tooth refilled as soon as possible because your tooth can crack. One of my fillings fell out of one of my molars and a few months later this molar cracked because I was too cheap to get it filled.

I’ll be the odd one out here. I love going to the dentist, as my dentist is the same age as me, and we get on really well together.
The appointment just flies in, although the worst I’ve had done are some fillings. :slight_smile: I do take good care of my teeth though, I brush x2 daily with an electric toothbrush.

I haven’t brushed my teeth in about a week. I need to get with the program because I’m too lazy to deal with dentures. When I had insurance I used to like going to get my teeth cleaned, I miss it.

I brush my teeth when I go to my appointments or to see family, but that’s it. So I basically go about a month at a time without brushing. Not really sure why, I just don’t feel like it I guess.

One of my fillings dropped out, so off I went to my local dentist. I was told that the tooth was infected and that it was to be removed. When the filling dropped out I let it stay as is for several months and had no problems at all.

But the dentist, not knowing of this, saw otherwise.

She said it definitely has to come out.

I said no it doesn’t.

She said yes it does.

I said no it doesn’t.

Then she said yes it does.

Then I again said no it doesn’t.

I told her to just refill the tooth and that’s that.

It’s been about a year now since I had that tooth refilled, and every thing is perfectly OK.

The point is…all she was after was more work, thus more MONEY.

I never remember to brush my teeth and haven’t been to the dentists for ages, hence my teeth are terrible.

I used to have trouble brushing my teeth but then I got serious when I started having cavities.

No hallucinations about it but I guess I’m lazy I have really soft teeth and hate actually dread going to the dentist. One of my fillings also came out recently and I’ve noticed the cavity is growing and painful, but getting a filling is traumatic and painful so I’m super hesitant to set up an appointment. I go through phases of brushing every day then I don’t for like two months just brushing once every week it seems.

I have no idea why my teeth is healthy.
considering that I am really lazy.
I am always thinking that i should care my teeth but again I am lazy.

I rinse my mouth with apple cider vinegar and swosh it around.

when I was on high dose I was brushing once or twice a week. now I am on low dose and I am brushing every day… sadly lot of psychiatrist don’t understand that meds causing negative symptoms as well. They only look at it as if its only schizo. symptom.

I was recently diagnosed with Sjogren’s Disease which an autoimmune disease that takes all the fluid out of your body, like saliva and eye moisture. It can wreak havoc with your teeth as saliva helps to keep them clean. I saw my dentist on FRiday. I had a good checkup fortunately , however he told me I not only have to brush twice a day but EVERY TIME I eat. Which is a HUGE pain in the rear. I had to buy a travel toothbrush to keep in my pocketbook for when I go out and eat somewhere. I have to some how overcome my aversion to brushing my teeth or I will have MAJOR problems. This disease is also taking my eyesight. I have to have laser surgery on my eyes later this week.

good luck on your laser surgery!

thank you I hope it is not a big deal.