My son has cavities

Hi… My son who is 9 years old cannot do things on his own. He needs my help on everything. I used to brush his teeth. Yesterday, I took him to our dentist in Pearl dental, Burlington for his regular dental checkup. He has cavities. But I used to brush his teeth daily. I feel guilty as I am the one who is supposed to take care of my child. But I really don’t know what went wrong.

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I used to brush too and I too had cavities and I have broken tooth too. Recently I came to know that mercury fillings in cavities causes psychosis. So take care of his new tooth which will emerge soon as they are permanent set of tooth. Avoid mercury, mercury causes psychosis.

Sometimes people just have bad teeth. My nephew’s baby teeth all rotted away and now, as an adult, he needs to have all his adult teeth removed. He’s only 25.

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My sister is a dentist and she said I’ve birth defect, tooth birth defect and I don’t remember the name. Actually I seem to have birth defects, not just one but, many.

So if I avoid mercury, will his teeth be okay?

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I don’t believe dentists use mercury in fillings.

You need to address the problem and we were talking about teeth so teeth problem should be addresses with the help of the dentist but mercury is another topic and it’s adviced to ask dentist not to use mercury fillings no matter what…

Dentist’s all over the World, sadly use mercury fillings I too have them.

But he never had any fillings

Tooth decay, drilling the decayed material and then comes fillings

filling is also known as cement

I was wrong.

I doubt, and take this non-dentist opinion with a grain of salt, that fillings would cause cavities.

Dr. Mercola says Mercury causes Psychosis.

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My teeth have been lined with mercury, starting around my pre-teen years + follow the development of my schizophrenia.

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You know Max Plank died of Stomach cancer if only he knew how to cure himself… there are many such examples…

If only we knew what hit us or what’s going to hit us… Ignorance just hits us

id echo what malvok said, some people have bad teeth.

im terrible for remembering to brush my teeth and i never floss. and im 28 and never had a cavity.

Wow… That is really great. Lucky to have such teeth.

Try cutting back on the sugar, since it’s not good for teeth and for health/illness to.

My dentist also suggested to limit the sugary treats.

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