Prolonged fasting

I am doing intermittent fasting, has anyone tried prolonged fasting for health reasons. Not to cure schizophrenia or something?


Yes, 16 or even 18 hours fasting
and moderate food the rest hours

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I’ve dobe intermittent fasting 16×8 lost alot of weight. Went from 306lbs to 243lbs


Thats really good, are u still doing it?

I have fasted quite a bit fasting is really good
I went from 250 to 170
Start by reducing diet of fat.
Then w no fat move to just water


Im gonna try multiple days, sounds kinda crazy but i want to feel healthier

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You could do 3 days on just water but I would do a reduced diet first for a week
Like only turkey sandwiches for lunch.
Gets your body ready to fast if you arent also a slave to fat. I have found that my desire for fat and sugar is mutable.


Way back when I used to fast for 1 or 2 days at a time. I lost a ton of weight and reversed diabetes. I’m not sure what doctors would think of this method though. I have since reacquired diabetes.


ps. I also only had one large meal on the day between when I did eat.

Again, not sure what doctors would think of this…but it worked for reversing diabetes and losing weight. When I got committed the doctors and nurses encouraged me to regain weight. Was this a good thing? I 'm not sure…it led me down the path to overeating again. If my habits had not been changed, would I have ever redeveloped diabetes? I don’t know.

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I have done 3 day fast in the past, i always feel light and energetic. Now i eat once/twice a day

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Sounds good do it!

Just a few days. I felt good. But don’t think it was a good idea, because I already had deficiencies at the time. Keto in some ways brings you in fasting state, if I understood correctly, and this helped a lot physically and mentally (but I disliked eating so much fat/meat).


Not anymore, down to my goal weight.

Fasting for literal days is incredibly unhealthy and can cause a lot of health issues. It’s also a sign of disordered eating.

So like please don’t do this

Oh I also always fast if I feel bad (psychotic/depressed). Which does wonders for my weight -temporarily - I go right back to the old weight after eating again. But isn’t exactly a conscious choice to fast for health. Rather a “food is scary” or “meh, I why would I eat anyway?”. I don’t think this is healthy.

When I genuinely fasted, my belly hated me because I still ate dairy. I wanted to switch to a dairyfree diet, but first give my body some rest. To stop hating on me. So I fasted for a few days.

That’s a really inadvisable suggestion.


Lol why what did i say thats bad?
Fasting has postive effects on the body and mind
Certainly not advising @Rollo to do something dangerous

Eh, 24 hour fasting is recommended but something like 3 day is very unhealthy.


Ok listen to the moderators advice. I said what i said i made my peace.

My dad did a 7 day water fast once for religious reasons.

I would never do a water fast especially in aps it’s impossible for me.

But I do believe in restricting types of food I eat and calories for some times.

Diffnt stuff works for different ppl.

Ppl got to make up their own minds.