Problems with this whole powerlifting thing

So some douche on the team took a screen shot of my comment on a bodybuilder’s post and I mentioned that powerlifting is what I am up to but that everyone except the elite ranked lifters dont seem too bright and carry around body fat.

The team attacked me and it the coach deleted the thread the moment he saw it.

I think this might be the end of the powerlifting team thing. Think I need a lifting buddy and just do this for myself and compete on my own. They really are the worst collection of meatheads in the city. My therapist told me that I was bound to run into trouble because of how I get along with people who arent especially bright, and wow he was right.

he told me “can you find a MENSA sponsored powerlifting team? I dont think so” and laughed.

But yeah they were just freaking out on me, telling me to leave and stuff.

What do you guys think? Is this a bad idea? They dont have powerlifting at my school, this is the only place to train and compete in the the city. Im sort of stuck. Tension has been building up with me and the team lately and this one guy just decided to invade my privacy (I didnt even know he could see my comment on that bodybuilder’s post) and get everyone to start hating. Even a guy with a slipped disk who cant workout anymore jumped in on the bandwagon.

I learned enough to train on my own, I just need spotters. They pretty much have to spot you and I will go to that same gym no matter what because it has the best equipment and they blast music and let you use chalk and yell.

But really these guys are all assholes.

Im wondering if this whole thing is just a bad idea. I like lifting, I like getting stronger, but its gotten into drama and my shrink says drama ends with me in handcuffs or with my head on my knees having an episode.

Are you able to have weight sets at home? I had them for awhile…didn’t have a spotter much of the time so must go lighter and be careful…but still did 225 - 240 on my own with no one there. Or find someone who can come over and spot you for heavy.
It’s ideal if you have a basement. i lived in a couple of apartments with basements… but if you only have the room or apartment itself hundreds of pounds of weights on a wood underlayment floor might not be a good idea…

Mort, I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you apologize? Instead of sticking to a way of behaving that keeps damaging you, make a conscious effort to reign in your delusions of superiority. Because they ARE delusions. It’s great that you are this far recovered. Now, like any “normal” guy, you are learning that it pays to play nice. Apologize and try to be a little more humble. At least till you are President or have an Olympic medal. Your achievements are great, especially given the chances you were born with, but being with people is important too. And you can do that too, if you give it the same amount of effort.


Im not delusional about myself, I actually do achieve a whole lot, especially for a schizophrenic. Delusions are when you have beliefs that ZERO people acknowledge and doctors dont agree on. My doctors have told me that my GPA and academic stuff is outstanding and that I am doing well with the whole powerlifting thing. I mean there are videos of me lifting in the creativity section, Im not delusional about being unusually strong…

But these people suck. My shrink told me not to hangout with them “because its like arguing with a pig, the pig will only become annoyed and you will only become frustrated” some old Chinese proverb.

These people really are not too bright. Theyre all right wing gun nuts and act like they are so superior because they can lift more. For my weight class I actually am not bad, Im close to master rank and have class 1 down already. The only rank above master is elite, and thats for freaks who can dedicate tons of time into powerlifting or have been lifting for multiple years…or both. Usually both.

and some guy went through my stuff and posted a screen shot of a comment I made on a completely unrelated person’s post. He was looking for trouble. Again, the coach deleted it so it was his fault for invading my privacy.

I didnt say this to anyone’s face, they went through my activity and hunted for it. Im not apologizing because I didnt say this to them.

You would be better off at a posh gym with steamed towels. This one looks nice.

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lol maybe…

idk what to say about that, everybody is different i guess.

tbh i dont see the point in lifting heavy objects i mean what have you got to prove anyway?

i do my power lifting in my mind, i can move mountains if i put my mind to it, been workin out my grey cells for sometime now and i am hoping to be an elite myself one day lol, take care,


Hey Mortimer, you do what feels right. Take a couple of days and think about what you really want to do. You seem to be very much an individualist and maybe a team sport is not for you, and thats ok. You can still fly solo and lift for yourself or compete individually. I wish you the best on whatever you decide to do


Being clever and good at something is fine but it doesn’t give you the right,Mortimer, to look down on others who aren’t so clever or talented.
Be thankful for your abilities instead of belittling others.


You got caught talking about your team behind their backs. You should just stand up and accept responsibility. Talk to the team, admit you were wrong and apologize. While you can do a lot by yourself, I think that being on a team would be a lot more helpful in your training. You don’t seem like the shy type, so don’t turn tail and run. Stand up, face it, and carry on.


It’s actually healthy for you…keeps you in top shape. Sure there are other forms of exercise, but all take muscle and working with weights can build muscle to boost your strength and endurance in other things.
While you don’t have to lift heavy weight, it does help and is the only thing that is going to build muscle size if you are going for that look.

@mortimermouse I do have to agree that you did say you posted about the others in the gym and that’s why they are reacting like they are. I wouldn’t have posted anything like that where one of them could see and use against you…same kind of thing that happens when employers spy on peoples Facebook accounts and fire them because they posted party pictures or other stuff that gives the company a bad rep.

I usually agree with you, but this time I don’t. They all attacked you because you insulted them. A short time ago, you were singing their praises. I think that your ego is getting in the way of your judgement.

This is unsolicited, but you should apologize. It seems like being a part of that team is being part of a brotherhood. Your comment publicly shamed that brotherhood.

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“Unusually strong?” At age 15 almost 16 I was Bp 225

I would apologize. What you said was kind of mean like you were looking down on them. You have to take responsibility for your actions and just swallow your pride. Having an ego can be a good thing because it gives the person confidence but when you think you are better then other people that’s just wrong. Imagine if someone said that about you behind your back when you have a friendship and do a sport together. You would be hurt and it would violate your trust. Think about it from their perspective. I hope you see the truth. :sunny:

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I do think that lifting heavy objects is good for you, and I think it has played a large part in your recovery so I would do my best to keep going if i were you. But, man, this is your team. Do you understand ‘team’? For most people teamwork means some trust and solidarity. You are calling them ‘assholes’, but what was publicly backbiting your team if it’s not assholery? You kicked this off. They can be right wing, they can be gun nuts, the works. That’s their right. They also have the right to refuse to deal with your assholery. Own it, bro. You did something wrong and got caught out. If you can’t deal with the fallout OK. You don’t have to. We all make mistakes and this kind of mistake is typical of your age group. So find another venue. But it wasn’t smart. And a few days before it happened you were told about this type of abrasive stuff on this board. We’re mostly rather far from rabid right wing gun nuts! In this type of situation, I say again, I would apologize (I have). Even if you don’t get back what you lost, at least some of them will cool off the hostility eventually. I mean, unless you’re planning to quit town, your reputation’s going to follow you.


Alright mortimer, here is what you need to do, you find the guy who went through your stuff and you skull blank 'em!

And you skull blank 'em hard, long and hard!

It’s the only way to make this right, you just hold him down and just skull blank the blank out him!

And when you are done with him you skull blank the blankety blank blank out of your entire gym! Those blank meatheads need a good skull blanking it sounds like!

And when you have skull blanked them you move on to the rest of memphis, just skull blank the entire blanking city, and then on the world!

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had me beat…At age 15 my max was 185…top of class (This was in school gym)…next guy was actually bigger than me and looked more muscular but he only did 175 and failed the 185 attempt a few times…
I didn’t get 225 bp till I was 23 although I didnt lift weights between age 16 and 22…

@e_lunaseer it was age 16, my bad saw. Post on my Fb when I was 16, about me Bp 225

The most I ever benched pressed was 185 lbs with free weights when I was in high school. On the machine in our school weight room I benched 210. I could curl 100 lbs two or three times. Those were the good ol days. Get buffed, get a great tan, and smoke pot.

Still good. I might have hit 225 when i was 16 had I stayed in that school with the gym but I left it right before I turned 16…no gym in the new school I graduated from…just regular PE with the softball and basketball and stuff I didnt even like. Plus weed with my friends and weekend beer parties LOL…that was not conducive to staying in shape…

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