Joined a powerlifting team

I joined my gym’s competitive team today. Worked out for three hours! I will no longer be training on my own, now I will be training with some of the best lifters in the region 4 days a week. Some of these guys compete nationally. They’re crazy strong. I squatted 325 for 3 reps on the spider bar (a squat bar which makes you feel like you’re going to fall over, that’s the point, to make normal squats feel easier) but the huge guys were squatting over 500lbs for three reps. Tournaments are open but it’s better to have the structure, social factor and camaraderie of a team. The coach asked me if I want the other members to know about my condition and the fact that I am on sedating medications, and I said yes.

I am the smallest guy on the team. They all have at least 20lbs on me, most of them a lot more. I’ll be competing in the 165lb weight class, most of them will have to cut to make 181 or 198 or 220 or hell even 240. I mean some of the guys are seriously huge.

The team has a facebook group and I guess the coach will welcome me with a mention of my condition on there once he gets on his computer.

I am ready for whatever, but I think they will be supportive, it’s like AA which I started going to today, they’re all there for one reason (in this case, to be stronger). But if they call me psycho, whatever. I’ll still make master rank within the year. Plus thats sort of badass to be the legit psycho guy on the team.


Sounds pretty cool, good for you :thumbsup: congratulations

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You’re brave to allow people to know about your sz. Sounds like you had a kick ass day!

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I’m glad this is happening for you. You have worked you butt off to get to this point. congratulations.

I hope you also have a positive experience with AA. It’s not the only option I admit, but it sure did help my family.

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Did they have to know about sz I wouldn’t have told them personally

Well Im on sedating meds and they needed to know that I am not on testosterone boosters or roids or whatever the ■■■■ theyre all on- im on three sedating meds. They’re cool about it, they call me looney tunes and coo coo puffs. I got sort of faint feeling and the biggest guy there (who is actually really friendly) was like “stop, sit down next to the fan, do you feel warm or cold? do you feel sleepy? do you feel sorta high?” and I said I felt sort of high and he said “that’s an adrenaline rush, just chill out for a few minutes, it happens sometimes”

Well u didn’t have to tell them. Coz u aren’t on test boosters or steroids. That’s being too honest I think. Guys on roids never say openly that’s what they are on. It’s like they want me to think they got their results naturally. A person who trains mma might not look as big but I can bet u they are just as strong as some of those guys who are on junk.