Coach kicked me off the team

Because I posted something on a bodybuilder’s post about most of the team being fat and apparently everyone could see that comment…I didnt know that they could see it. He said unless I follow their new cardio program I cant be on the team. I cant do cardio intensely without getting overheated and Geodon says to not get overheated on the printout so yeah.

I didnt get kicked out of the gym though. They were all rather opposite of me personality wise so whatever. I can still train and even compete in open competitions on my own. The coach said he told the team to be cool so I guess I will still have people to spot me.

My therapist disapproved of the whole team thing. He told me that nothing good would come from those types of people, being bisexual and liberal and just different in most ways. Theyre all fundamentalist christian gun right types. The coach said everyone wanted me off the team.

My personality type is not really fit for teams anyway. ENTJ’s (sometimes INTJ, I have introverted days) dont do well with being on the bottom of pecking orders.

I will continue to train, if they dont spot me I can use safety bars and just drop the weight on it, I can find someone (just need one person) to spot me for bench. I will compete in the gym’s meet in November at 165 and at least get class 1 rank, hopefully master rank by then. That alone is enough of an accomplishment for me.

But yeah my therapist warned me about this sort of thing. I should have listened to him. Now I know enough to make a program and compete, I got something out of about a month on a team.

Im surprised they got all butthurt about me posting about the training being ■■■■■■■■ and saying that some of them were fat. I mean theyre all manly and stuff what do they care what a 170lb “half a ■■■” says?


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oh man, I can see why, acting your age and being an adult would be more appropriate behavior. I’m sorry to have to say this to you, but life will be this way going forward, acting like an adult is now expected in public settings, whatever they may be

I mean the team members talked tons of trash to me and about me and I got kicked off for not following the program. Im looking into another gym right now.

They talked tons of ■■■■. I wasnt out of line.

perhaps finding another gym is a better idea.
take care

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yeah Im looking for options. There is a gym just down the street that does mostly crossfit but showed up on as a powerlifter friendly gym. I mean they have to spot me for liability reasons but I am not sure I want to be around people who hate my guts. Im not sure I trust them with hundreds of pounds over my chest or on my back. Im paranoid after all


trust is everything, check out the other gym , life is to short to be around people you don’t like.
take care.


im just so distressed right now…that gym was going well and then wham im an outcast. I already scheduled my classes next year to where I have to train when they all train. I guess I should either change my schedule or find another gym. I am really worried about spotters. I could train at the university gym but its crowded and doesnt have the equipment I need. Im sort of a wreck right now. I could change that night class and workout tuesday thursday saturday and avoid the team. The problem is that I will be training when the team trains with my current schedule and I really dont want to switch gyms, I like the gym.

I just sort of am i disbelief. It went from a dream come true to just another failure. This really sucks. If it werent for this new training program everything would be fine and dandy, but no its completely messed up. Im worried because they might all hate me and wont let me hop in when theyre working out. I mean I could just use safety bars and no spotters, but thats not a good idea at all. I could show up at like 6 when theyre all done with squats and benching and I would have those things free to myself.

Im really feeling messed up. The coach told me everyone on the team didnt want me there. He said some guy on the team wanted to fight me. I was like what the hell.

There is a crossfit gym on the same street on the opposite end but its super expensive, like ridiculously expensive. I wonder if they would let me just do my own thing there, I saw specialty bars on their website.

My dad is looking into getting me into the athlete’s facility at the university. They for sure would have the right equipment, football players are all powerlifters.

I dunno. For the next two months the team is doing non-power training, which is why i got kicked off, I didnt want to do that. When theyre done with their 10 weeks of no powerlifting, I will have to see them again. One guy already said “dont ■■■■■■■ talk to me, understand?” when I asked him “hows it going”. He was nice to me before.

the coach said he told them all to be cool. I dunno what that really means. I mean they might not let me get in sets while training and hog the equipment.

A schedule change could fix all of this, I might just do that, but my parents were like no dont do that.

I dunno this is rather a disaster.

Things will work out okay. Just goes to show that this wasn’t the gym for you.

I am sorry that this happened.

A good skull blanking is in order!

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You’re young, you still have your whole life ahead of you.
Old AA saying : 'God never closes one door without opening another"


I was thinking the same exact thing - all is not lost Mortimer, allow this to be a life lesson

I emailed the strength conditioning coach of the fieldhouse at my school. They have all of the equipment and I am gonna try to get them to let me work out in there. The people at the gym hate my guts


@mortimermouse,does all this happen because of your letting them know about your mental illnesses,people can get scared i believe,because i find it impossible for people to dislike/unwelcome you…you seems like a great person with respectable personality

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well first they said I needed to ask questions, then they told me to quit asking questions, then they changed the story to I asked questions but didnt listen. Then they saw me talk poorly of the team somewhere on a bodybuilders facebook status and they kicked me off for that basically. The official reason was that I was doing my own training program but he said everyone wanted me off the team and that some guy on the team wanted to fight me for asking too many questions.

My therapist and parents talk utterly horribly of the people on the team, they dont even want me to go to that gym anymore. They try to keep me around people who are more…how do I put it…enlightened. They want me out of there and are looking for other gyms. I dont feel to comfortable about staying there, the people there all hate me according to the coach. Theres like three people who dont hate me there.

But yes they know about my illness and sexual orientation and I think that challenges their values. I really doubt they liked to see a mentally ill bisexual atheist making progress, they probably just dont like the very sight of people like me.

But yeah the coach told me to not mention my illness because “no one cares”. Well they cant accommodate a medical condition, I got officially kicked off for refusing to do cardio outdoors, which is risky on my meds, particularly Geodon and propanolol. Im on a high dose of each.

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Well that gym sounds like a bad place for you so maybe it’s a good thing that they kicked you off of the team and got you out of there. Maybe they did you a favor. I used to work out with friends in their backyard. We challenged each other and it was fun.

With freedom of speech I politely say ■■■■ them assholes. U got where u are without them? They just perhaps want to band up in the name jesus’ s ■■■■■■■ sorry for being offensive I am an atheist and I think religious us for dumb asses that don’t understand how science works. They are fat they need to cut and get on a treadmill and sprint interval for an hour. Sorry u had to go thru this letting it go is the best thing.


mouse hunni, u don’t need people like that in ur life. this has nothing to do with ur posting what u did and everything to do ith gun toting christian values. face hunni, u just don’t fit their mold. find another, younger gym and carry on power lifting. good luck xxxx

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…that made me lol

Yeah they probably didnt like a liberal bisexual/mostly gay atheist making rapid progress. My mom said that is probably what is up- they cant stand to see the stereotype they hate be strong.

As for the trash talk they said and the behind the back trash talk I said, they did harass me for gayness and gave me tons of ■■■■ for being new and “weak”. I went on a date with a guy yesterday and he said “I didnt know powerlifting teams were composed of 16 year old girls”. And he’s totally gay!

thanks Mob I appreciate it