Problems with this whole powerlifting thing

What happened was after 6 months of pushing myself, I smoked weed and haven’t came down from the high yet. Stopped working out 4/20/13 and now im slowly turning into a fat troll. @e_lunaseer

Wow Nick, very cool with the weights. More then I could ever do.

The most I ever benched was… Oh sorry… there are no weight’s in a pool.

I’ve spent very little time in a gym in my life. My fitness focus when I was 16… trying to get the 500 meter swim in under 5 minutes. I was also addicted to long course 200 meter butterfly. :swimmer:

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Swimming is cool. I won a competition once…for full length of the 75’ pool underwater. I had to beat 13 seconds and I got 11 point something. 11.8 I think it was…

I can’t swim it twice…I’ve tried and get about 1/2 of the way back max…but if I could have…hmmm…

Even with the slow down at the turn around and slower on the second length...seems a few of us were right up there..some things in small private gyms... you never know.
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