Im gonna go back to the gym

Im gonna go back and apologize to a couple of guys who are mad at me. I want to train there, its the best gym in town and I dont like the other gyms. Even though I got kicked off the team I want to train there on my own. I am going to see my therapist tomorrow, I am anxious and this whole thing has made me feel terrible. Is this a good idea?



Even if they stay angry, at least you know that you did what was right.


Good point. The coach/owner of the gym said he told them to be cool. He didnt want me to leave the gym. I just cant workout at normal gyms, they dont have the equipment and environment I need.

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I think staying there is a good thing.

Yeah I shoudnt run away. I should just apologize to the two guys who got really pissed and accept whatever they say back.

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I’m really proud of you.

thanks! I think this whole thing is rather like a bullying situation, they gave me crap and then I retaliated and because they put me in an omega position thats unacceptable. Its basic psychology of social creatures. I wasnt submissive enough for my place in the pecking order and thats a no-no. I dont know, its kind of sad. I just want to lift weights and big drama had to happen. I mean they talked serious trash to me and when I posted something insulting to someone else on the internet they got really pissed. Everyone I have explained this to thinks that it makes no sense. The bottom line is some people hate me for something I did wrong, so I will apologize. Even if its 90% their fault I still did something for them to get mad about. Thats what my uncle told me.

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good on you for saying sorry…no matter the outcome you have done the right thing.
take care

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Bullies suck.

Apologizing for your part in it gives you a clean slate. ■■■■ them if they want to think only their opinion matters. Do you, and **** that weightlifting **** up!

Well if you want to go back it sounds like a good idea to apologize. Why are these guys so sensitive anyways? One bad comment and they freak out. But yeah, apologizing might work and if it doesn’t, well at least you tried. But yeah, it’s the smart thing to do. It’s a good gym and I think you like the comradery, right?

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I don’t feel it’s good bro,but if hope your choice is the right one

I think that you came to the realization that what you did was the wrong thing, and just the fact that you want to make things right by apologizing speaks volumes as to how much you have grown in a situation like this.
When I was young and cocky I thought the world revolved around me - I now know that others have feelings too, and that I should treat others like I would want to be treated. Just the fact that you feel the need to apologize and make things better means that you are taking on a mature and responsible approach - good for you mortimer, more power to you

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well, if you’re like me, exercise is bad, it creates acetycholine to be used to move your muscles around, your immune system attacks, and removes the acetycholine from your muscles and brain, and you need more psych meds.

perhaps you should relax from the exercise, see if that’s true, it is for me

for me, if I ride on a bike tour, use my muscles all day, the acetycholine is required all day to tell my muscles to work. my immune system says (just for you @mortimermouse) :slight_smile: and starts to attack, a week later my eye is drooping (recent example), in the past after a month or so of biking, my brain goes out to lunch and they claim I have Sz.

so, I’m not going to bike this summer, see if I keep my brain cells in tact. I take Mestinon, I will continue to take it. that keeps the acetycholine around, flowing through my neurons.

I have kept a journal and put my med records on my bike and weather (temperature) records, and I can see my mental and physical symptons build over the summer, starting in july, and i have a psychotic episode in the fall. I bike 100 miles a week, if not more.

for me, I believe there are other triggers, work stress, emotional stress, etc. those are on the calendar too. when all those pile on me, BANG! and especially the biking, taking the acetycholine away, takes about a week and i’m drained out, I do think the removal of the acetycholine along with just life, caused the psychotic episode.

In my little town there is just one gym and I feel very uncomfortable by going there, I have never been there.

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I want to apologize to you, Mortimer. I told you that you had done something wrong, but I hadn’t picked up on the fact they had trash talked you first. I would have been more sympathetic. But still, go back, apologize for what you did. They might manage to squeak out an apology back, or they might just be better to you, especially if your apology makes them feel guilty! But the gym owner obviously has a balanced view of the whole thing, so do go back. I have twice apologized to one of my sisters just to end a developing feud. I didn’t think I was in the wrong (or at least we were equally wrong), but I was sorry we weren’t getting on, I was sorry I had contributed to the mess, and I was eventually so glad I had set things straight.

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good luck…i truly hope everything goes well for you if they don’t accept the apology,then screw them

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