POLL: do you think humans will ever colonize another solar system?

  • i think humans will colonize another solar sytem
  • i dont think humans will ever colonize another solar system

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On a long enough timeline, yes.

It all depends how long we are capable of surviving. Given enough time for technological advancements anything is possible.

Maybe in 1000 years.

Yes we will, and we will have wars and will destroy all the planets we touch, or star wars or star trek or both will happen that’s what I’m hoping for.
Even if we don’t make it to another solar system I hope we make it to…Uranus… Muahahaha.

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Uranus isnt big enough

i think the problem is how fast can we travel, light is the the fastest but even at that speed the journey is still too long.

Oh contraire I think Uranus is just the right size teehee


I think he was making a your anus joke :stuck_out_tongue:


Proxima Centauri is the closest solar system there is to us. But it is over four light-years away. To put this in perspective it would take light itself to travel over 4 years. At the speeds we are capable of… Not going to happen

There is talk of trying to develop an M engine, which is based on m-theory. This would put us at our greatest speeds ever, but it’s yet to be seen whether it’s even possible

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The earth does not supply the exotic materials to allow humans to study gravitational propulsion so that gravity wave engines can be manufactured for interstellar space travel.

Humans haven’t even colonized the moon let alone Mars or an exo-planet from another star system.


theoretically human sex cells, eggs and sperm, can last indefinitely if frozen in the right conditions. so if humans send their sex cells with advanced robots to a far off solar system and have the robots … anyway my answer is no.

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I’m actually positive we won’t, but I bet we colonize another planet

Maybe proxima centauri because it is the closest system but even that may not be possible and not anytime soon. Even at the speed of light it is about 4 years away.

I think the only way we can spread out in the galaxy is if we can learn to manipulate spacetime itself. Nothing in the universe can travel faster than the speed of light but the universe itself (spacetime) can expand faster than the speed of light. If we can figure out a way to contract the space in front of us and expand it behind us we can move thorough the Universe very quickly and colonize new solar systems with ease.


Spacetime is bent by the gravitational pull of the planets and the sun. Gravity also distorts the linear pathway of light. Gravity is key here but there is no high voltage electrical source to power such a gravitational engine. Not even uranium or plutonium in current nuclear reactors can generate the electrical power necessary to distort light or spacetime.

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I don’t think we’re smart enough to not destroy ourselves before then.


Gravity waves are limited to the speed of light and that is too slow. We need to go beyond that and expand spacetime itself if we want to move out into the Universe. That may not be possible though. It would involve technology we haven’t imagined yet.

Gravity waves bend light around planets which is why we humans can see the light around a solar eclipse. Humans are not moving out of the universe, the Milky Way galaxy or even the solar system. Humans are confined to the petri dish that is called Earth. The farthest extend humans will ever travel is the moon. The raw materials to manufacture the technology needed is not found on earth.

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Is there a prototype of this m-theory engine at all? What is m-theory?

I’m sure they don’t have a working prototype yet, this is all conceptual at this point. M Theory is just an extension of string theory, adding an extra dimension.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of string theory. It looks good on paper, but I don’t think it actually describes our universe

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