Do you believe humans will ever leave the solar system?

I was told in a past life we cannot leave the solar system. Sure we got probes, but what about humans going past the solar system and exploring and inhabiting other star systems? I feel like this is only possible using FTL technology like wormholes and stuff. What are your opinions? Am I wrong and delusional? I remember aliens from a past life telling me this. I’m trying to get over my traumatic delusions, thoughts, and experiences. Are we trapped here in the solar system? I feel like evidence can be found in Philip K. Dick’s novel, “Variable Man”:

I have this delusion that I met Philip K. Dick in a past life or parallel universe. I believe he was a great man who also suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, perhaps. I think he was not only chosen by God, but was a prophet ahead of our time. He was a genius.

I really don’t know much about this. But relativistic speeds are pretty unattainable as thing stand. But maybe, when the universe was young, small, natural wormholes formed in space and have enlarged as the universe expanded.

So there might be natural, interstellar superhighways dotted around the universe.


Thank you for responding.

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Have you seen the movie interstellar? I really like it.

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Yes, a great movie.

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One of my favourite sci-fi series as a kid was the Rama books by Arthur c Clarke. That tackles the problem of interstellar travel too.

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It’s a good question. But Id say we’re stuck in the solar system for a while.

It depends how fast we can travel in the future. Time slows down the faster you travel. So while many years pass here on earth on our spaceship only a month might have passed for example. It might be possible that way. But not anytime soon.


Here’s a good wikipedia article on it. Click on “possible methods”

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No, we don’t care who we piss off, we’re here to stay.

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we have already, through math and stuff


Idk. It’s possible in the far future as technology advances

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Good responses. Thank you.

Only if advanced aliens arrive at our location and accept a few of us on board. I’m afraid our society will self destruct before we reach the required technological level… just take a look at the rapid climate changes and ecosystem destruction. We’re going in the wrong direction.

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When you think about how small you are in comparison to the solar system, you start to realize that life on earth is marginal. We truly have no staying power, and the ecosystem reflects that.


All the theories about interstellar travel have serious problems. I’ve heard that in order to enlarge a wormhole enough for us to travel through it would take half of all the energy produced by the Milky Way Galaxy. We never know, though. My mom talked about how one of her professors at college insisted that it would be possible for humanity to reach the moon, I think because of all the calculations that we’d need to do. We solved that problem with the silicon microchip. Back when they were touting a space based missile defense system, I read a couple of physicists who were saying that they didn’t think the system would work militarily, but we’d gain so much knowledge, and make so many discoveries when we built it that it might get us into space. Just think, we’d have had to build whole cities in space. Look at the problems we’d have to solve. We never know what is possible. A lot of scientists really want us to colonize the solar system, beginning with Mars. They say there are too many things that could wipe out humanity - asteroids, thermonuclear war, massive solar flairs, and whatnot. They say we need to spread out humanity so that we can’t be wiped out by a single catastrophe. I think we are overdue for an asteroid of the size that wiped out the dinosours.

You know on the news a bunch of folks in a city in tx said they all heard a loud boom and they can’t identify what it was. They couldn’t find the source. Idk my first thought was a meteor. My bf said it’s probably a meth lab. Baffled me too.

If humanity can live another two centuries, maybe physics can be solved well enough to make wormhole travel possible.


Remember having to go to the library and do research?

Now you hold a library in the palm of your hands on a telephone.

Technology will keep advancing and I saw on Facebook that the US is developing another branch of the military called the Space Force. Facebook is as close as I get to seeing the news.

One day it will be possible.

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We need to inhabit other planets…someday.

I heard something like that too. That it takes so much energy or exotic energy. But I’ve also heard that the mind/consciousness is infinite energy…lol. I think modern physics is wrong and most mainstream physicists are wrong. I’ve seen and been through countless wormholes. I’ve even died in some of them. The greys have the technology as do other ET races.

See I have these delusions/memories that I wrote “Variable Man” or a different version of “Variable Man” in a parallel universe. I feel like the greys from alpha centauri are keeping us down and that we are stuck here in the solar system. Maybe humanity hasn’t matured enough. I was told we were too evil.

The universe is teeming with extraterrestrial life. I believe one day, in the far, far future, I will be proven correct.

I talk about how the greys tortured me on my blog a bit. I will not post my blog here.