How long before humans start intersteller flight?

Light speed is a significant limitation, and we have no technology capable of propelling anything macroscopic at any significant fraction of the speed of light c.

Chemical rockets will not get you interstellar travel. Neither will anything else currently known or under study - arc jets, ion propulsion, nuclear. solar thermal, solar sails, …

Due to these limitations, science fiction (well, at least for the present) kicks in, so we are looking at controlled antimatter collisions, a possibility of a wormhole transit, etc…


Objects rotating at over the speed of light, utilizing some sort of antigravity to defy the relativistic limitations of light speed.


I can only imagine wormholes or some other interstellar highways.
I can’t imagine us moving through regular space due to potential collision with space rocks and other stuff, even if we achieve enough speed.
Also, time is a constraint not so much space. We just can’t send people on life-long missions so hazardous.

So… I strongly believe that we must seriously consider every concept that doesn’t include regular space.

Most famous probably is Alcubierre drive

Good point. At any speed characteristic of space travel, orbital speeds for instance, if you hit a big chunk of something you are toast. Additional speed doesn’t add hazard. Dead is pretty much dead.

Some say it has already been done. Anyways, science fiction is a good way to get ideas. The mainstream stuff is dated and wrong.

Ftl and wormholes work well.

Aging is a problem.

It will happen when we change he rules and redefine the laws of physics.

Interstellar flight will start when I reveal myself to all Mankind. I will be the guiding light for all interstellar spaceships across the cold darkness of our galaxy.

Quantum entaglement can be used to sent bits of information over short distances now. Tomorrow, who knows?


I saw a show about poeple knowing the earth will end and have to build a ship to find another planet to continue the human race.

They specifically said no one with schizophrenia would be allowed to go continue the human race.

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Not if I rule as Emperor of Mankind.

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I have it. All you need is a string and a piece of cheese. I can do it.

Believe me.


Haven’t you guys seen stargate sg1? That’s based on a true story lol.

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Five and a half days

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I don’t think it will happen during my lifetime :frowning: . The best I can hope for is private spacestations or space hotels like bigelow aerospace are trying to build, returning to the moon, and putting humans on Mars with a BFR made by SpaceX.

Tek’ma’te, @insidemind ! (’uld_language)

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