We better get to Mars before my demise

Before i die or end it i better see someone step foot on the great red planet because of the amount of gratitude i will feel for our race of people. People talk about this political bull ■■■■ and how its countries divided but ■■■■ that. It will be the greatest achievement man as an explorer will ever entail. A triumph for all humans no matter what race, gender or culture u come from. We need to make it to Mars. Please world. for the love of all that is holy please put aside our differences for one great step that will challenge the very fabric that we know as humanity and exploration. Make it to the red planet. Step foot and feel the soil under your feet. Become the explorer that we can become.

We have conquered all lands so we must look to stars.

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Mars One has a pretty interesting program set up…

It’s incremental. Sending new crews every so often. Bringing what they need to expand the colony.

People pour over this ■■■■ every day… It’ll happen.

Unfortunately Mars lacks and Ionosphere and molten core… it’ll never hold an atmosphere.

So that’s a huge technical undertaking and risk all around. Lives and money…

They’re going to be bored as ■■■■ too. They better bring a super computer with a shadow copy of the internet or something.

To go there and back is pretty much futile as well. The gravity well of mars is much greater than the moon. The ship would have to be tremendously massive to carry the fuel for the trip there and back.

Also, we use launch pads here… you can’t just fly one out there.

So it’s an occasional drop and build… what do you bring first you know?

God damned mess… but it’ll still happen.

In 30 years society could poop out such a spaceship I’m assuming. For now though that ■■■■ is too pricey.

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24.5 hour day/night cycle…

might as well land near the poles… it’s cold as balls everywhere…

I wish I could go… cause ■■■■ this PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE… hahaaaaaaaa

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Seriously it’s interesting to think about though…

ehh… like the complications… even that first ship… unless they literally just stay in the pod… its gonna need some serious equipment. depressurizing the exit chamber… takes a massive pump and lots of energy…

oh ■■■■ energy… no fusion in space… oh ■■■■ no fusion power at all…

hah yeah that ■■■■ aint possible with today’s tech.

They are working on fusion. They can get the reactor running for a very very very minimal amount of time.

and it is also massive… perhaps hydrogen power… lack of oxygen might allow stable hydrogen in the atmosphere… but it’s probably just going to bond to something else… that first electron gives in easy.

solar is bogus… out there … that far away… still having a day night cycle.

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here’s the link

Almost everyone in undeveloped or developing countries is dreaming of migrating to the America or Europe or any other better places.

I think I can imagine someone from developed country has no other better places to go in the world and this time other “livable” planets become a feasible option. :blush:


They blew each other up along with there atmosphere back in the early days. Actually I believe earths life came from mars. It just came to me. New post

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