Life on another planet in the universe

could it be possible

Possible im sure.

It occured to me the other day while walking to the store.

I just hope their lives aren’t complete ■■■■ like earth.

It would be so amazing to me if they actually made it here(provided they didn’t want to eat us that is) because it’s so very far away, they’ll show up and say “here you go, cures for all of your diseases, free of charge!”

I still have delusional states at night where I’m talking to aliens and they say they’re on there way. They’re gonna put me in one of their zoos and take care of me. I hope they could use their telepathy to set my brain straight.

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my high school physics teacher said he thought there definitely was

There is so many billions of galaxies I can’t see why life could not have evolved elsewhere as well. The only thing I am fairly sure of is that we won’t find them in our lifetime with our current technology. Maybe they’ll discover us if they’re far more intellectually evolved

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I think space travel is just nearly impossible. Its the distances you’d have to travel. I highly doubt humanity will ever leave the solar system regardless of our technology. Unless the warp drive is possible. We’d have to build a generational ship otherwise and I just don’t see that happening humanity is to divided. Not in this century. Hate to nay say against the future, but I think our first challenge should be taking care of the earth.

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Bryan - I think I may have a similar experience. I have had an absolutely ■■■■ time of it. For a long time I believed I was an alien ambassador and hoped they would come and sort out what happened to me.

They never showed up.

Or maybe like Japanese people I saw who had come to the Knoxville Worlds Fair -

I’ve heard that scientists have examined meteorites that strike earth and have found minute fossils of one-celled organisms. They came from somewhere out there.

it is possible for humanity , they will invent light speed travel in about 150 years time, but the question is do the other species in the other universes want such a destructive race traveling past their planets !?!
the answer is ’ no '.
take care