How would the infrastructure of humanity work if we were to colonize other planets?

Im reading a book for class called The Cage of Zeus. And its about a group of people on a space station orbiting Jupiter that have been created with both sex organs (like sea horses). In the book the human race has colonized, the moon, Mars, the asteroid belt and even the moons of Jupiter. I ask myself how would the system work for the human race to function properly. Would the country system dissapear? Would there be wars between the planets? Would everyone live peacefully? Also in the book there are terroist groups that try and blow up research facilities and are going to try and attack the space station holding the Rounds (people with both sex organs). How do u think humans would be able to sustain civilization if other planets were brought into the mix?

If we didn’t need the opposite sex to mate, I suspect we could all live in peace. Now, if we could bribe someone else to raise our offspring, well, Cheese and Rice! It would be a Heaven.

Humans are â– â– â– â– â– â–  up i would bet on wars the planets would want self contained gov. So the powers that be would have to rule through fear. Why pay tribute to another planey when your reasorces could be used on your own planet to help your people.Wars would be epic planet vs planet.

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There probably would be bickering among the different space colonies, but fighting wars between planets would be too costly, and life would be so precarious in most of the colonies that war couldn’t be afforded. It is more likely that trade wars would occur between different space colonies. Protective measures against rogue astroids would be extremely important. Interplanetary communication would be hard. I wonder how long it would take an electronic message from earth or mars to reach one of the moons of Jupiter. Probably not ruinously long, but problems might arise. Astrophysicists are telling us that we really need to colonize places outside and beyond earth because there are too many things that could destroy the human race - thermonuclear war, a giant astroid, I think there is some type of solar flare that could destroy us, and so on. We need to put our eggs in more than one basket. I think there is some kind of deadly gamma ray burst that could wipe us out, but I think that is big enough that it could destroy life in the whole solar system. It’s caused by some type of binary star system where one star becomes a black hole and starts shooting out gamma rays. That’s all I know about how it is formed, but it is big enough to toast the whole earth, and probably the whole solar system. There is one pointed at us, too. If it starts shooting out gamma rays were done for.


I think there would be no boarders and most people would live peacefully and the ones that don’t are captured and researched and bred like animals for further research. Being that people evolved to be 2 races, one peacefully intelligent elite, and another that resorted to barbarianism and selfishness. And the barbarians would be the elite’s closest living relative so things that needed experiments would be used on them. Things like cures for new diseases, and whatever space age stuff would be researched.

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I think drones woild be used…to wipe out other colonies for their reasorces…thats where the jedi step in and the wars both with troops and politicaly run rampant…lol


That already happened a long time ago and in a galaxy far, far away.


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