Omega 3 caps

Do you use omega 3 and how much epa/dha for brain?


I was prescribed pure EPA by my family doctor zoa.

Yes I know.How much epa?

1 gram it says.
Per capsule.

Do you take it all at once?Does it helps your brain?I take 1000 epa and 660 dha.

I take 2 grams in the morning and 2 grams at bedtime.

It was prescribed to lower high triglycerides but I think it helps with depression as well.

Yes,I have that feeling.It’s 6 caps a day.Purified it said.I know it’s good cause I have burps.It has vit E along and is lemon taste.

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Yeah good luck with it zoa.

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How does one ask for a prescription for this? I can’t even get one for vitamin D :expressionless:


My psychiatrist just wrote ‘vitamin D’ on my prescription paper for the pharmacy to help me

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You don’t need a prescription for fish oil capsules or vitamin D, but they do exist as prescriptions as well.

You can buy them over the counter.


I know, I normally do. I just don’t find it to be as potent. Like the vitamin d my former doctor prescribed was great, the ones I do buy, do not need seem to compare. Btw, i’ve tried many.

What is vit D for?

Well for me, there was a deficiency. I needed it because I was always tired. I also see an endo, bc of hormonal reasons.

I too have a vitamin D deficiency.
I take 2000 IU of vitamin D3 over the counter.

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Since I dont leave my home much my psychiatrist said I should be taking because im not getting it from the sun just from dairy

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On caps said 330/220 epa/dha a day,but i take 6.

6 might be too much.
Ask your family doctor or psychiatrist as to how much you should be taking.

4 sounds reasonable but ask your doctor first.

One cap is 165/110,and I take 6.