Nootropics upgraded my brain and life, Fasoracetam, Coluracetam and Noopept

In the past I used large doses of the nootropic Noopept which upgraded my Brain and gave me better awareness/cognition, for the first time I was into Senses/Existence. I still need small dose of anti-psychotics. I only take 40 mg Ziprasidone every night without which I have trouble sleeping and delusions.

I ordered noopept from powdercity website and they stopped shipping to India.

So I went to and ordered Fasoracetam and Coluracetam.

Fasoracetam is not available with powdercity website.

Fasoracetam increases intelligence and memory.

Coluracetam increases cognition and memory, memory in particular.

I ordered 2 bottles each, totally four 5 grams bottles. 5 grams is the biggest bottle.

I use 10mg micro scoop morning and evening for Fasoracetam

and 30 mg Coluracetam moring and evening, 3 micro scoops. don’t give you any micro scoop.

I got the micro scoop from powdercity website when I ordered noopept.

After first use itself my cognition improved and now I am fully aware of my surroundings.

Guys I couldn’t believe it. I am totally aware for the first time in my Adult life.

I can’t use more because Faceracetam should not be used more than 100 mg or higher doses can cause serious side effects.

Coluracetam can be taken 80 mg three times a day for maximum benefit which is actually very very good and if you do so you need to add Choline source like Alpha GPC or CDP Choline to avoid head aches, at low doses I never had headaches. I simply can’t use large doses as these are very very expensive nootropics and I simply don’t have money for health supplements or for anything else. I am at the mercy of my Father who is very particular about spending money.

Please use Fasoracetam, Coluracetam and Noopept to upgrade your Brain.

Please use them.

dose of anti-psychotics. I only take 40 mg Ziprasidone every night

Glad you found a med that works for you.

Please use Fasoracetam, Coluracetam and Noopept to upgrade your Brain.
Please use them.

I use piracetam, phenylpiracetam, and sometimes choline bitrate and Alpha GPC. Also, sarcosine is my daily go-to nootropic, although I’ve been cycling off and on lately cuz it caused some irritability in 4 scoop doses.

Noopept is in my wishlist, but it’s kinda expensive and I gotta shell out for more sarcosine, too.

I’m glad that you found nootropics, too! :smiley:

That being said, I cannot find the ones you listed, coluracetam and fasoracetam, on powdercity. I’ll just make sure to order noopept next time, though. Thanks for the reviews!

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Please stop pushing stuff on other people. If they work for you, that’s great, just stop being pushy about it. I don’t go around telling others they have to use nicotine just because it helps me.

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I also mentioned the other website. Fasoracetam and Coluracetam are far better than Noopept. You said Noopept is on your list, I don’t think you should go for Noopept. Noopept is good but when compared to the two others mentioned here it’s not sufficient. After taking Fasoracetam and Coluracetam within seconds I felt some great feeling in the head and my presence of mind since first use simply increased and today I am even better than the first day and I told the same to my parents even though my Mother said she doesn’t want to try it, I requested her to try it but she didn’t notice any difference. I know these two benefit every Human but in my case the change was sudden, lasting and eventful and I think this change happens because Fasoracetam is Good for Schizophrenics and Coluracetam works like a charm for damaged neurons… I guess my Mother didn’t feel anything because she doesn’t have a damaged Brain.

@velociraptor… Yes it looks like I am pushing stuff but, I posted this because Schizophrenia is living Hell and I am out of Hell and I want others out of Hell too. Please understand my dear friend.